Blogmas! My Festive To Do List

Hi all, and welcome to BLOGMAS! Yup, you read that right, blogmas. We’ve got 24 days until Christmas, and that’s 24 back to back holiday posts, because I’m going bauble balls to the wall this Christmas season. This is absolutely going to be a challenge, not only to fill this corner of the internet with worthwhile content, but also to practice intentional time management enough to make this happen. It’s cool though, I’m not in this alone. I was generously encouraged by my friends today, and I’m pleased to be sharing a first season of blogmas with the talented Crystal, holding up the visual (and much more entertaining) end with vlogmas. <<<Subscribe!

So yeah, buckle in, enter your email to the right and subscribe, and let’s celebrate the falalalala holidays starting with my festive to-dos.

I genuinely think that the first 25 days of December are my favorite days of the year. Unfortunately, year after year, they seem to fly by and I find myself wishing I’d done more of those magical Christmas activities. What better way to organize my Santa lovin’ ambitions than with a list? And yes, I’ll check it twice. I’m taking some inspiration from the beautiful Poppy Deyes, and here we go!

  1. Finish my major Christmas shopping this first weekend of December. I don’t know about you all, but the older I get, the more that gifts are just a technicality of the season. I like to get them out of the way ASAP and focus on the good stuff, ya know?
  2. Speaking of the good stuff, I’ve got a full laundry list of classic Christmas movies to watch. There is nothing cozier than turning off the real lights, turning on the Christmas ones, and nestling into the couch for long evenings and weekends of Christmas cinematic magic!
  3. Lightseeing! Like sightseeing, but better. My favorite place to do this is at the zoo, but I’ll absolutely take a few slow strolls through my neighborhood to get a good look at all the twinkling lights.
  4. Dig out my warm wardrobe. It never fails, every year when I get out my summer shorts, I find a sweater or a coat or a scarf that was left totally neglected for the winter season. Not this year, friends! I’m ready to give the spotlight to my full winter wardrobe.
  5. Oreo truffles. Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a few day’s supply of the best dessert of all time. Check out my recipe here!
  6. Friendmas! From big parties to smaller gatherings, and most happily, my yearly late night Buffalo Wild Wings date with my best friends, few feelings are warmer than sharing gifts and love with your friends during the holidays. It’s a good time to reflect on the year nearly behind us, and plan for the one in front of us as well.
  7. Wrapping. Wrapping. Wrapping. So I know I said gifts were a technicality, but hell, I’ll throw a card in a box if it means I get to wrap it. No joke, wrapping is like therapy to me, and yes, I will wrap your gifts if you want me to.
  8. Listen to all of the Christmas tunes. I’m going to share my favorite Christmas albums with you this month, but I feel like there’s hardly enough time in December to get in all the Christmas music possible, so you better start early!
  9. Remember the reason for the season. Whether you’re partaking in a religious or cultural experience, the overarching theme here is giving. Give what you can. Maybe it’s your money, maybe it’s your time, maybe it’s your heart, or simply your smile. I genuinely am a kid at heart, and even suffering through eight years of retail, being cussed at by a holes in Christmas sweaters didn’t take the magic away from the holidays for me. Be in the spirit of giving and kindness!
  10. Family. That’s my main goal every Christmas season, to set aside some cozy Christmas time with family. This year we’ll get to go to Florida, have some visitors here, and take a road trip to West Virginia to spend some much needed time with family, and friends who might as well be family. Time with loved ones is the best gift of all!

What’s on your Christmas to do list? Have I left out any necessities? Happy December, guys! Stick with me!

xoxo Buddy the Elf



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3 responses to “Blogmas! My Festive To Do List”

  1. Ken Avatar

    What about Chinese food on Christmas Day?


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    […] to blogmas day 2! Like I mentioned in my last post, let’s get to the good stuff first! December is always a whirlwind of work, travel, and shopping. […]


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