Blogmas Day 12: The Twelve Days of Christmas

Can you believe that we’re halfway through Blogmas? I definitely can’t. Thanks for following along! If you’re new here, be sure to enter your email address to the right to stay updated, and don’t forget to catch up on Vlogmas.

Last year, inspired by… I can’t remember who, but I know myself well enough to guess Zoe and Alfie, I decided to partake in a little twelve days of Christmas fun for my husband. He seemed to really enjoy it, so I wanted to continue the tradition this year. I had a moment of dismay when I thought that traveling before Christmas might derail my plans, but, fortunately I’m able to carry out the gifting on an adjusted schedule. That really works out for us, because I’m not ruining the surprise for Kylebot by letting you guys know some of the little gifts his elf has brought him so far! (P.S. This idea is clearly more suited for children, but I’m working with what I’ve got, okay?) Also, how fitting to post this on the day that you would typically start such shenanigans?

So, what am I doing exactly? I’m giving Kyle a tiny (we’re talking like, most of this stuff replaces stocking stuffers) gift each day in the twelve days leading up to Christmas… this year with a week long gap in the middle, so we started early!

Everyday, Kylebot wakes up and finds a ‘letter’ (random, unused, old Christmas card) in his mailbox (some badass mailbox shaped gift box I got at Dollar General forever ago) from his elf. That elf is a rhyming fool and sends him on a short scavenger hunt to find his gift. Here’s what we’ve seen from that crazy elf so far:

File Dec 11, 9 35 45 PM.jpeg

Day 1: ‘The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is bringing good music to your ears. Nestled with the DVDs, you’ll find me here.’ And on this day, the elf hid Gavin DeGraw’s Something Worth Saving in our DVD bin.

Day 2: ‘You must use this to combat wrinkles; I’m on top of where you take a tinkle.’ My husband is a prime offender when it comes to putting body lotion on his face in the winter, so the elf thought he could entice him to use a men’s moisturizer that he left on top of the toilet.

Day 3: ‘Once you POP, the fun don’t stop! Where you keep food cold, I’m on top!’ Kyle is quite the collector of Funko POP figurines. They’re super cute, so the elf brought him Thor: Ragnarok to sit on his desk at work.

Day 4: ‘Hurry up, chop chop, I said! Something to help with that is under the bed!’ This is super random, but Kyle had been asking for a garlic chopper, and I found a super cool hot wheels one at Target.

Day 5: ‘Time to get those cheeks nice and rosy. In the dryer, find something comfy and cozy!’ It’s that yearly pajama gift, amirite?

Day 6: ‘This particular bark is as good as its bite, and it can be found by a spherical light!’ Kyle loves peppermint bark, (who doesn’t?) and the elf left a sizable bag of it by his man cave globe light this morning.

So yeah, this is silly, but it’s really fun and just a quirky thing to look forward to each year. Like i said, it basically replaces stocking stuffers and all of these gifs are under ten dollars. Those are some of my ideas. Have you done this, or would you ever consider it? Let me know what your twelve days of Christmas would look like!

xoxo ELFaba! (see what I did there this time, too?)



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