Blogmas Day 13: Winter Fun and Secret Santa

Tonight, (I write these a day in advance) instead of writing out Blogmas, I was out living it! It’s a delicate balance, the whole Blogmas thing… I’ve spent many evening and weekend hours writing stuff out and not watching movies, and drinking cocoa, and experiencing the most wonderful time of the year. 

That being said, I took myself a little breather this evening and ventured out for a night with friends! Sometime last week, the great party planner of us all (and soon to be guest blogger 😉 ) suggested an overdue girl’s night for appetizers, drinks, and Secret Santa. Who could turn that down?

The setting was pretty ideal. Freezing cold. Snowing hard. Dinner destination blanketed in Christmas lights. We all had a super great time eating great food, chatting life, and laughing a lot.

Do you have any upcoming Secret Santa parties? I thought I would share some of the cute swaps we had tonight:

File Dec 12, 10 25 16 PM

  1. Wine and champagne. You can’t go wrong here! It’s a celebratory time of year, and I don’t think anyone is disappointed to receive a nice bottle of something!
  2. Homemade treats!! I got a bag of puppy chow today that turned. my. day. around. YUM!
  3. A really intentional desk calendar. Do you love Snoopy and friends? I DO! Also, think sports, movies,  quotes; there’s a calendar our there for everyone!
  4. Mugs and water cups! Talk about cute and useful! This is a great gift for anyone!
  5. Winter skin essentials, because why not? Just don’t go too wild with scents if you’re not sure what someone will like!
  6. Candles! I love candles year round, but they seem particularly essential to Christmas!
  7. Starbucks gift cards, because even the scroogiest of coffee drinkers can go for a free peppermint mocha during the holidays!

The best part of tonight, though? Spending time with people I care about. Freezing outside, but hearts warm. Half of us pictured up top en route to our cars in literal 15 degree weather, happy as Christmas clams!

Be sure to check out Vlogmas!!

xoxo Judy [from the Santa Clause]

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