Blogmas Day 15: DIY Reindeer Treats

Hi friends!! Today was my last day of work before Christmas! I’m glad because I handed out all my coworker gifts this morning, and now I can finally share this cute craft with you! YouTube has a wealth of cute DIY gift ideas, and this one is from Aspyn Ovard. Speaking of YouTube, are you caught up on Vlogmas?

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Full size Hershey’s bars, 1 per reindeer

2. Full size candy canes, 2 per reindeer

3. A bag of googly eyes, 2 per reindeer

4. A bag of fuzzy pompoms, 1 per reindeer

5. Brown felt

6. Scissors

7. Hot glue gun

Here’s the process:

1. Cut small ‘ear’ shaped pieces from the brown felt. Think tear drops. You can use a stencil to draw them first, or just go free-handed, like I did. You’ll need two for each reindeer.

2. Once your hot glue gun is warmed up, glue two ears to the very top of the back of each chocolate bar.

3. Next, glue two eyes about a fourth of the way down the candy bar from the top, where your ears are. You can glue them close together or far apart. If you’re making several, switch it up!

4. After eyes are done, glue a pompom below the eyes, which will act as a nose. I used mostly red and green, but any color is cute! Not everyone is a Rudolph. 😉

5. Finally, I saved the candy canes for last, because they’re the most fragile part of the process. On the back of the chocolate bar, glue a candy cane on either side, with the cane hooks facing outward on either side, like antlers. Also, be sure the antlers are glued higher than the ears so you’re able to see both.

Tips and Tricks:

-Make sure your Hershey’s bars and candy canes aren’t broken. A Hershey’s broken in half will still work, but everything holds together a lot better when pieces aren’t broken.

-Check out the different types of holiday Hershey’s bars! Outside of milk chocolate, there’s also cookies ‘n cream, peppermint bark, and pretzels and peanuts.

-Be creative! They don’t all have to look like mine, or even look the same! You can get a variety size pack of googly eyes at your local craft shop, as well as different flavored/colored candy canes.

-Finally, if you’re giving these to adults, like i did, a mini bottle of alcohol is a great addition, haha! Happy crafting, guys!! Tomorrow’s post will come at you from a much warmer climate 😎. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite holiday crafting YouTube videos, including the inspiration for this post!

Aspyn Ovard


Zoella again because, bae

Megan Rienks this is more like holiday treat hacks, but still awesome!

xoxo corporate elf



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