Blogmas Day 16: My Winter TV Lineup

Guys, I think it’s no secret that I’m kind of obsessed with television. I’m not sure when or how this happened, but it did. We’ve reached kind of a lull in tv, because everyone is on a mid-season break, but really that’s just left me with some time to create a game plan. Part of that game plan includes staying up to date with Vlogmas.

◦ Mondays at 8|7c The Bachelor on ABC (starting January 1st): I’ve taken to agreeing with Reality Steve and thinking of this season as, ‘Not Peter’s season,’ but, I’m here for it. I’ve read a lot of frankly, shady things about Arie, but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt… or at the very least, watch it all turn into absolute chaos and tv gold.

◦ Wednesdays at 8|7c Riverdale on The CW (returning January 17th): Guys. I am Riverdale obsessed. I cannot believe it took me so long to give it a shot. It’s all drama and good looking gingers, and high schoolers who may as well be private investigators. It’s crazy and addicting and if you’re not on board yet, you’ve got a month to catch the first season on Netflix and binge watch the first 7 episodes of season 2 on the CW app.

◦ Thursdays at 8|7c Superstore on NBC (returning January 4th): I think this was in my last tv lineup as well, and for good reason; it’s hilarious. As it goes for many comedy shows, the plot lines and characters have become much more ridiculous, but I also think we’re on the precipice of a love triangle and I can’t wait to see how the hilarity unfolds.

◦ Thursdays at 9|8c Will & Grace on NBC (returning January 4th): The return of this show was incredible, and absolutely did not disappoint. It’s a revival that kept true to the characters and the writing style and I’m here to say, if you loved it before, you will love it now.

◦ I’m assuming Tuesdays at 8 or 9 but nothing has been confirmed 😩 New Girl on Fox (the final season, only 8 episodes, return date not yet released): I left this for the last slot because so much of it is really open ended right now. This series finale is sure to put me into a winter depression tailspin but I will say, this has been the best show on TV since Friends and Scrubs, don’t @ me. I’m excited (and really sad) to see how they’ll tie up all the loose ends, and honestly, I just need Nick and Jess to end up (dysfunctionally) together.

So there you have it! While snow is falling in below freezing temperatures outside, I’ll be on the couch for an hour or two catching up on these gems this winter. What does your tv lineup look like? Am I missing anything that I definitely shouldn’t be?

xoxo Betty Cooper

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