February/March Favorites

Hi! Long time, no blog. It’s been a whirlwind of March birthdays and flu round 2 around these parts, but I’m finally settling down to give you guys some favorites. By my math, it’s been Winter in Ohio for literally six months, so it should come as zero surprise to you that my skin is suffering, and I’m dedicating this mashup of favorites to beauty!

So, what’s new at night?

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads– There’s a ton of hype about these all over the internet, but I knew I was making a good choice when the cashier at Ulta said, “These will change your life,” as she was checking me out. My skin has been in crisis mode for this extended winter we’re experiencing, and I’m already seeing positive changes since I started using these after I cleanse at night.

Replenix Restorative Nighttime Biotherapy– At the peak of skin chaos, I reached out to a friend of mine who’s an aesthetician for a dermatologist back home. I told her about the flaky dryness I had going on, and that none of my moisturizers were even touching it. She pointed me in the direction of Biotherapy, a product that her office sells. This stuff has quite the price tag, but it’s luxurious, and the only thing I’ve ever tried that provides relief for more than two minutes, making it the ideal pre-sleep moisturizer to really soak into and heal my skin overnight.

Aquaphor ‘Facials’- Have I mentioned I have dry skin, haha? When I say I have dry skin, I mean SUPER dry. When I get home, my makeup isn’t looking a mess because it rubbed off throughout the day, it’s looking gone because it fell off before lunch. That is not an exaggeration, sadly. This cold season has been brutal on my already dry skin and it quite literally peels off in sheets all day long. I reached out to my dermatologist in desperation, and she suggested Aquaphor ‘facials’. It’s as straightforward as it sounds: when I’m feeling extra dry, after cleansing at night, I put a thin layer of Aquaphor over my entire face, and sleep in it. During cleansing in the morning, I slough off the dead skin, and viola, less dry.

Those three late-in-the-season discoveries have been my saving grace the past few weeks!

What’s changed for daytime?

Origins Ginzing Eye Cream– Thank you Crystal for this recommendation. I’ve just started getting into eye creams in the past year or so, but this stuff is miraculous. It’s moisturizing and brightening, and actually helps to cover dark circles. I think the idea is just to use is in the morning, but the life cycle of the jar is just 6 months after opening, and seeing as a little goes a long way, I use this  morning and night.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Set– I’ve been using brushes to apply my foundation for years, but after watching hundreds of makeup tutorials, I felt like I was maybe missing out on the magic of beauty sponges. Verdict? I was definitely missing out on the magic. Using a damp beauty sponge is a game changer for my dry skin. And, contrary to popular belief, I think I actually use less product with the sponge than I do with a brush!

NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation– This stuff definitely makes the beauty sponge’s work easy. After seeing great reviews all over youtube for this product, I decided to go and get color matched. The price tag is about ten dollars more than the absolute max I like to spend on a foundation, but the quality is beyond worth it. This is full coverage, a natural finish, and actually melts into my skin rather than just laying on top. I don’t recommend for oily skin, but if you’re dry or combination, this could be your holy grail foundation.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Corrector in Pink– I know you probably think color correcting is a gimmick… and I don’t disagree with you. Green, purple, yellow? I’ve seen the videos where it seems people are putting on a thick layer of face paint before they even get to foundation; it’s concerning. However, seeing is believing when it comes to the power of a pink corrector. Dark circles under your eyes? Hyperpigmentation from blemishes? Pink color corrector is the solution! I try to use this in place of concealer (over or under makeup) because it’s much lighter.

Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlighter in Blossom Glow– I do have to say, I disagree with the reviews; these are not blinding highlighters on my skin. But, because they’re not blinding, this is a great product for daily wear, and it’s the perfect color for my extremely fair skin. And, the price point can’t be beat!

Mario Badescu Rosewater– All aboard the basic broad train! It’s recently become a part of my makeup routine to spray my face with a setting spray after applying my base and patting all over with a sponge to achieve a more natural makeup look. When I ran out of my old spray, I thought, why not? The smell is amazing, and it’s cheap. What a combination!

**This Magic Moment** Last weekend, I got to see a lot of friends and family and celebrate two birthdays for two very special people! It was a weekend full of love and good food, and that’s definitely worth feeling thankful for.

Fingers crossed spring makes an appearance soon! I am so sick of these cold days. While we wait on the sun, what are some of your new favorites in beauty?

xoxo Rosewater showers, please bring some spring flowers!



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