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  • Blogoween Day 7: TikTok Beauty So Overrated, It’s Scary

    Blogoween Day 7: TikTok Beauty So Overrated, It’s Scary

    I already feel mean about the title of this post, but I promise it’s all in good fun. I enjoy watching and reading unfavorites, so I wanted to follow up yesterday’s favorites post with a handful of fails that the beauty community of TikTok loves. First up, Nivea Essentially Enriched Body Lotion with Almond Oil. I have seen […]

  • Blogmas Day 10: Updated Winter Skincare, Dry Skin

    Blogmas Day 10: Updated Winter Skincare, Dry Skin

    Hey, hi, ho, ho, ho! Hate to be a broken record, but I have dry skin. Like insanely dry skin. Like last week I took a shower and then rushed downstairs to get the workday started without moisturizing first, and ten minutes later, I had two cracked knuckles. Dry skin’s the worst, and I’m battling […]

  • January Favorites

    January Favorites

    Preparing for a comeback, haha. Seriously, Blogmas is so super motivating and really gets you in the blogging headspace, but it simultaneously drains you of all your writing energy, a true double edged sword. That, and life is kicking my ass, but whatever. Seeing as we’re only slightly past the halfway mark through February (thank […]

  • Blogmas Day 12: Winter Skin

    Blogmas Day 12: Winter Skin

    Winter skin is different than fall and spring skin, and it’s definitely different than summer skin. It demands a little more time and effort for everyone, I think, especially us dry skin folk. Sharing some of my favorite winter skincare today, and sorry in advance that it’s not all cruelty free, dermatologist’s orders ☹️. First […]

  • Summer Favorites

    Summer Favorites

    Happy Sunday! We have had an equally relaxing and productive weekend, and it felt like the perfect opportunity to get back on track with some blogs! I wanted to share some summer favorites with you. To be clear, these aren’t favorites that only apply to summer, they’re favorites that I’ve stumbled upon this summer, likely […]

  • April/May Beauty Favorites

    April/May Beauty Favorites

    Hi guys! Reporting from the sunny shores of Juno Beach, Florida! (Well, sort of. I’m by a pool, but you get the idea 🧜‍♀️) I want to say it just slipped my mind to blog Sunday, but it was more deliberate. Why? Because life is crazy stressful and I’m. On. Vacation. Yes! You read that […]

  • Giveaway: Spring Beauty

    Giveaway: Spring Beauty

    Hi! I’m teaming up with @shutupcrystal again to do a spring beauty giveaway! As I mentioned in a recent post, Zoe Sugg (aka: Zoella) is one of my favorite YouTube beauty gurus, so I was thrilled when she released a gorgeous makeup collection in collaboration with Colourpop. Crystal and I tested out a few goodies when […]

  • My Favorite Beauty Youtubers

    My Favorite Beauty Youtubers

    Happy Sunday Funday! I notoriously have the worst Sunday blues, so Sunday isn’t a fun day at all for me, but it’s been a very lazy weekend, which has been well earned based on all the house hunting/wedding going/vacation prepping shenanigans the past couple of weeks. I’m taking a page out of Daily Bailey Bits’ […]

  • March Favorites

    March Favorites

    Guess what?!?! I’m getting another sister today!!! I don’t talk about this much, but my brother passed away when I was really young, so while not really an only child, I have grown up that way, and have always been really envious of people with siblings. One of the most joyful parts of marriage for […]

  • Beauty Unfavorites, Late Night Version

    Beauty Unfavorites, Late Night Version

    Hey! It’s Blog Sunday, and late on Blog Sunday, even. I haven’t told you guys yet, but we are in the process of getting our house ready to list, and duh, trying to find a new one. Up until today, it hadn’t really stressed me out at all, but it’s 8:30 and I think this […]