13 Days of BlogOween: Day 8, October Favorites

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve done a favorites post! Interestingly, they are my favorite to post! Since it’s been a while, I’ve got quite a bit to share with you, and it’s not all necessarily from October, oops!

  1. Glossier. I raved about their skincare in an earlier post, but recently, my favorite human sent me some goodies as a pick-me-up and there are three major standouts: Lidstar in Cub, which is just a really pretty sheer rose gold wash of color. Cloud Paint in Puff, another sheer pink wash, great for fair skin! Finally, a Generation G lipstick which I was surprised to love, and is also currently unavailable, while they presumably, work on new colors! IMG_2592
  2. The Haunting of Hill House. I mentioned this in my last post, but this show has not left my mind since I saw the trailer. No spoilers here, but it is chilling and… haunting (lol), beautifully filmed and acted and somehow has an absolutely touching conclusion. I highly recommend, but this is not at all for the faint of heart, as it is truly, the scariest show/movie I think I’ve ever seen.
  3. Tofutti Cream Cheese. Call it silly, guys, but drastically changing your diet is difficult. Cheesecake is my absolute favorite food; I love all things cream cheese, and I’m thrilled to find something dairy free that tastes great!
  4. Blondo Waterproof Booties. My exact pair isn’t available anymore, but I got these on major sale during the N Sale, and then because it was 100 degrees outside until it wasn’t, totally forgot about them. Something triggered my memory last week, and I’ve worn them everyday since. Simultaneously stylish and waterproof? Kind of  unheard of. And the best part? They’re comfortable. I’ll keep an eye out for a sale share with you!                                   IMG_2595
  5. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. Guys. This movie is all. the. feels. Am I too old to say that? Am I too old to absolutely love this movie? I don’t give a crap. It’s great. And I wish it’d been a part of my high school experience because the lessons in it are lovely: Be yourself. Take wacky risks. Own your terrible driving skills. Love without caution. Family first. I would absolutely recommend you set aside a couple of hours to give this Netflix original (based on Jenny Han’s books!) a watch. IMG_2594
  6. Speaking of Jenny Han’s books…. I knocked all three of them out in a week. I’m just so in love with this story. Check out To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, P.S. I Still Love You, and Always and Forever, Lara Jean. 


So yeah, that’s a wrap on favorites for the past couple of months. What are you loving?

xoxo Lara Jean (oops, I mean Leigh Ann)


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