Blogmas Day 2: Holiday Bucket List

Hey hello, I still can’t believe it’s December, because it feels like summer outside! But, I’m super excited because it truly is the most wonderful time of the year! Much like I kicked off Autumn, I wanted to share with you my Holiday bucket list. December flies by and I want to make sure I live my best elf life all month long. So what do I want to do?

  1. Send my holiday cards early! Kyle and I notoriously wait too long to send our cards. This year, I shopped cards early and tied up any loose ends in my address book. Now, this truly can be an act of thankfulness, rather than one that feels rushed and stressful. 
  2. Watch all of my favorite Christmas movies and specials. I started early this year, and I’m glad because looking at a pile of unwatched Christmas movies on December 26th and thinking, better luck next year, is a bummer. Christmas movies give me all the feels, and I’ve got them on in the background of all of my holiday activities. IMG_8336
  3. Give back! Each year, Kyle and I sit down and discuss which causes we’d like to donate to for the holiday season. I’ll do a dedicated post to giving back, but I do have one fun idea! When you get the inevitable text or call from a friend or a relative asking what you’d like for Christmas, suggest that they make a donation to a charity of your choice! 
  4. Join in on some local Christmas fun. My favorite holiday activity in Columbus is Wildlights at the Columbus Zoo. Columbus Zoo Wildlights.jpg
  5. Master a vegan dessert. For Halloween, I managed vegan Oreo truffles. This holiday season, I’m hoping to find a stellar vegan recipe for gingerbread or pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! If you have any good recipes, please pass them along.
  6. Implement some kind of holiday fitness routine. I think I tend to forget about working out when the holiday season rolls around, and I imagine I’m not alone here. I’m going to dedicate a few evenings a week to working off holiday stress, and thank myself for it when the new year rolls in. 
  7. Lucky number seven, remember the reason for the season. I think the holidays are magical in different ways for different people. For me, at the core of it all, I am celebrating the birth of my savior, and cherishing the abounding blessings he’s given me, like wonderful family and friends. IMG_8687.jpg
  8. Let all my commuting play to a soundtrack of Christmas tunes! So many songs, and only 23 more days to listen.
  9. Curate a holiday look book. I was really excited about this last year, but didn’t quite make it happen, due partially to putting so much pressure on the execution. I’m saying this early in Blogmas to hold myself accountable. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just fun! 
  10. Spend as much time as possible with the ones I love! ❤ Speaking of ones I love, have you checked out @shutupcrystal’s Holiday to-dos yet?

What’s on your holiday bucket list? Am I missing anything vital? 

xoxo falalalalaughingatLA



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3 responses to “Blogmas Day 2: Holiday Bucket List”

  1. Jeffery Lilly Avatar
    Jeffery Lilly

    Another wonderful blog. Keep them coming. And Merry Christmas

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