Blogmas Day 22: Wildlights at Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Holy December 22nd, Batman! I can’t believe the big day is almost here. I’m in my home state of West Virginia pre-celebrating with my family, so I’m going to keep it short and sweet today!

I crossed #4 off of my Holiday Bucket List, and did one of my favorite Christmas things to do in Columbus, visited Wildlights at Columbus Zoo and Aquarium!

Some tips and things you might not know about your outing to Wildlights:

– I think the early bird truly catches the worm in this case. We thought going late on a weekday would help us dodge crowds and wow, were we wrong. It was bananas! If you can, definitely take advantage of the sun setting at 5, and get to the zoo early!

– If just lights doesn’t do it for you, many of the indoor habitats are still open as well! My favorite is the aquarium, because #wannabeamermaid.

– Don’t quote me on this, but I think there may be some opportunity to see the newest addition to Columbus Zoo, a baby elephant, yet to be named. Born to mother Phoebe, I’m told this little babe is a total cutie, but unfortunately she was unavailable the night we visited, presumably doing baby things. If you’re lucky enough to go on a night that she’s out and about, she resides in Asia!

– If you stop by a Kroger in Franklin county, you can actually purchase discounted tickets for Wildlights at the customer service desk! Not only do you get a little discount, but you can bypass major ticket lines at the zoo.

– Don’s miss out on seeing Santa’s reindeer in North America! These guys were by far our favorite part of the evening. They were resting up for their big night.

– Be sure to catch the main event, which is a Trans-Siberian Orchestra and light synchronized extravaganza that runs every fifteen minutes or so! *Pro tip: If you’re a big time iPhone videographer (haha), record the entire light show as a time lapse and add music later!

– Wear comfy shoes and bring a hat and gloves! We visited on a “warm” (for December anyway) night, and I had some real regret for leaving those items behind.

I’m really considering a trip back to Wildlights before it closes for the season. (It runs until January 6th!) Looks like @shutupcrystal was up to some zoo fun of her own today 👯‍♀️! What are some fun holiday events in your neck of the woods?

xoxo Buddy the mermaid!



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3 responses to “Blogmas Day 22: Wildlights at Columbus Zoo and Aquarium”

  1. Blogmas Day 23: How’s that holiday bucket list going? Avatar

    […] Join in on some local Christmas fun. My favorite holiday activity in Columbus is Wildlights at the Columbus Zoo. Basically, see yesterday’s post! […]


  2. Been There with Kids Avatar

    I love this zoo but we have never been to the light show. It looks amazing! Thanks for sharing. This is going on my list!

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    1. Leigh Ann Lilly Avatar

      Oh you should totally go! It’s an absolute blast!!

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