Blogmas Day 6: The Ultimate Christmas Playlist

Hey. Howdy. Hello. I’ve expressed this many times, but just so we’re clear, I’m obsessed with all things Christmas. Music is no exception. I make it about two weeks past Halloween before stress sets in that I don’t have enough time to really, truly, listen to all my beloved Christmas jams. For the record, I can tune into the Christmas station and not skip a beat, but I’ve thought long and hard to narrow my list down to my ten(ish) all time favorite Christmas songs. Also, my friends did too, so you have that to look forward to. I’ve linked the youtube videos as well as my spotify playlist! 

Without further ado…

A Normal Person’s Favorite Christmas Songs (you’ll understand this later)

  1. “Santa Stole My Lady” – Fitz and the Tantrums: Thank you New Girl for this absolute gem of a song that reminds me so much of Jess and Dr. Sam, a relationship I appreciated, but valued less than Jess and Nick. Anyway. My dad and I can really dance to this jam. 
  2. “Santa Stole My Girlfriend” – The Maine: Okay, this seems like a really weird trend here. Santa didn’t wrong me, and I never dated anyone who felt slighted by Santa, these songs are just goofy and awesome, and this particular one takes me back to overnight shifts at Hollister. *Warning, this song has a repeatedly used curse word, sorry! 
  3. “Merry Christmas Baby” – Hanson: When I got this CD as an early Christmas gift at EIGHT years old, after bawling watching the bros perform live on some holiday special, I knew I’d be a fangirl for life. Oh yeah, gave you the live version of this so you can feel the love like I do, wowowowow. 
  4. “Ho Ho Hopefully” – (also) The Maine: Plain and simple, I like to pretend that someone wrote this for me. We all do this. Don’t judge me. 
  5. “Christmas Time Is Here” – Vince Guaraldi Trio: Come on. I’m the biggest Peanuts fan on planet earth. I hum this song year round. The snow sound in the background literally gives me peace. 
  6. “Cold December Night” – Michael Buble: Michael, if you’re out there, please sing me to sleep. Everyday. 
  7. “Christmas Eve” – Trans-Siberian Orchestra: Guys. My dad and I used to go see their Christmas show live every year, and holy crap it is life altering. Definitely a spectacle if you can make it out to see them! 
  8. “Mistletoe” – Justin Bieber: I’m in love with the Biebs and I. Don’t. Care. Who. Knows. It. (I also really like Elf, in case you didn’t catch that!)
  9. “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” – Gayla Peevey: Shout out to Electric 102.7 (my hometown radio station) for playing this song to death yearly. It reminds me of my mom!
  10. “At Christmas” – Hanson: Makes me cry every time. This one is live too, and it’s just the sweetest, warmest song.
  11. Eh, screw it! One more for good measure. “Finally It’s Christmas” – Hanson: In celebration of 20 years of Snowed In, the brothers Hanson released a new Christmas album last year, and this song is great, and the video is lit, and why on earth doesn’t the whole world love them like I do? 

So yeah, those are my absolute favorites, year after year! What are some of yours? 

Honorable artist mentions: Zooey Deschanel, Pentatonix, and Ariana Grande all have some beautiful Christmas tunes. Also! Be sure to catch up on @shutupcrystal’s Vlogmas

xoxo hohohopefully you like my songs! 




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    Jeffery Lilly


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    Great post! I just did a similar one, which you should totally check out when you get a chance 🙂

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      I will! Thank you 🙂


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