Blogmas Day 23: How’s that holiday bucket list going?

Hey there! With the countdown to Christmas quickly dwindling, I wanted to see just how far I’ve gotten on my holiday bucket list. I’ve basically just copied and pasted the list from my previous post, so what’s about to follow is my honest commentary on how much of this festive fun I actually accomplished.

  1. Send my holiday cards early! Ha. Ha. Early? No. Done? Yes. Done in calligraphy? Yes! And that was really only to make up for my atrocious handwriting on the interior of the card. IMG_1642
  2. Watch all of my favorite Christmas movies and specials. I can’t say that they’ve all been watched, but I can say that I’ve made a way deeper dent this year than in years past, and I still have some time! Have you checked out my Netflix Christmas movies reviewIMG_3842
  3. Give back! Sure did. Some time, some dollars, and some shopping. It’s not too late if you’d still like to give back and make an impact! IMG_3415
  4. Join in on some local Christmas fun. My favorite holiday activity in Columbus is Wildlights at the Columbus Zoo. Basically, see yesterday’s post! img_3904
  5. Master a vegan dessert. Heck yeah! I’ve made two batches of vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cookies so far, and I love them!IMG_3463
  6. Implement some kind of holiday fitness routine. Major fail here. Better luck in the new year!
  7. Lucky number seven, remember the reason for the season. I’m trying my absolute best, and have had a truly wonderful and cozy weekend with family that’s not over yet! I’m about to be en route to my grandparent’s house, and tomorrow we’ll get to visit with Kyle’s siblings. img_3372.jpg
  8. Let all my commuting play to a soundtrack of Christmas tunes! Yup! And about to log a few more hours of holiday commuting over the next two days! If you need some great Christmas tunes, check out rounds one, two, and three of ultimate holiday playlists!
  9. Curate a holiday look book. I did this, I did this!! And I’m actually pretty proud of myself for actually completing it. You can see my winter look book here! IMG_3206
  10. Spend as much time as possible with the ones I love! I’ve done a lot of that this weekend and I’m looking forward to a few days more! From Christmas light sightseeing with my dad and husband, to playing Taboo with my mom and cousin, this has so far been a super lovely family weekend!

Do you have a holiday bucket list? If so, how’s it going? I’m really happy that I’ve crossed so many fun things off of my list this year! Be sure to catch up with @shutupcrystal’s vlogmas!

xoxo checking it twice!



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