Blogmas Day 13: The Ultimate Crystalmas Playlist, by guest blogger Shut up, Crystal

HELLO! It’s Crystal. I like to pretend I’m one of the “BFFs” Leigh Ann is often referring to on this very blog (Editor’s note: she IS). Typically, you’ll find me over on my youtube channel drinking too much coffee and Grinch-ing my way through Vlogmas, but today LA has trusted me to take on the next installment of holiday playlisting. I really don’t wanna let her down, so without further adieu here’s what I’ve been listening to all month, but will promptly shut off come Dec. 25, because like I said… Grinch.

“Happy Holidays” – N*Sync Starting on a high, because I’m sure the rest of my list will put you to sleep. This is a CLASSIC. I vividly remember making this my ringtone year-after-year in high school. OH Yeah!

“Baby It’s Cold Outside” Any version will do. What can I say, I love a duet. For me, this is the ultimate version of a holiday karaoke tune.

“Happy Xmas (War is Over)” – John Lennon  This is a Lennon song, and it’s not exactly “cheerful” but I truly fell in love with it when I heard Lucius sing it. See here.

“Little Drummer Boy” – Pentantonix This list needed a Penatanoix jam, but if I’m honest, my love for this Christmas bop goes back to the time I DIY’d a drum in kindergarten and banged the shit out of it while singing this tune as loud as possible.

“Christmas” – Mariah Carey Yes, “All I Want For Christmas” is a bop… but I can’t even pretend to hit those notes.. This is a little more manageable and a whole lot more fun.

“White Christmas” – Michael Buble No December is complete without a little Buble. His full Christmas album is in my rotation, but this song deserves a special shout out because Shania Twain is my ultimate bae and they are a match made in heaven. (Runner up: George Ezra’s version)

“Country Ham” – The Felice Brothers This song makes me feel cozy and hungry and all of the holiday feels in the best way.

“Blue Christmas” – Elvis Hear me out, if Dirty Dancing (the best movie ever, don’t @ me) did a Christmas special, this would be the theme song… Enough said.

“Have yourself a merry little Christmas” – Frank Sinatra I’m a big fan of the classics. For me, this is one of the very best. And it makes me feel like I’m in NYC for the holidays, which is ideal.

“Rocking Around The Christmas Tree” – Brenda Lee If you watch my Vlogmas, you’ll notice I use this song a LOT. I just wish I could have the rights to use Brenda’s version. More than any song, this one reminds me of the innocent, magical Christmases of my childhood. Instantly I’m transported back to making cookies for santa and sprinkling reindeer food on the front lawn.

This was fun. Leigh Ann, wanna take over the vlog sometime?

Between my playlist and Leigh Ann’s, what are we missing? What should we be listing to? Sound off below.

xoxox, Merry Crystal-mas.



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