Blogmas Day 18: Winter Skincare

Back again and here to talk to you about winter skincare. The air is dry. The heat is blasting in your car, at work, and at home. You skin is chapped, tight, and flaky. 

I get it. I get you. When the weather changes, so does your skin, and we’re at the beginning of a very long haul of blistering cold here in Ohio. I wanted to share with you my current heavy rotation of skin care. I have super dry skin, but I’m a firm believer that even oily skin is likely overcompensating for a dry skin issue. Regardless, oily, dry, clear, blemished, all skin needs moisturized, and it needs quenched daily (twice even!). There’s definitely something here for everyone to love! 

Also though, if you’d like to see footage of the prettiest skin I know in action, be sure you’re caught up with Crystal’s Vlogmas!



Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser is something that I have definitely talked about before, and so has @shutupcrystal! It’s taken me some time and practice to get the full benefit of this cleanser, but now that I’ve got the hang of it, I’m in love. This cleanser is gentle, not overly drying, and if you really massage the product on your face and rinse fully, it truly does remove all of your makeup, even stubborn mascara! 


Face Moisturizers for Daytime

Glossier Super Bounce… I know I can’t stop talking about this stuff, but it’s basically a miracle worker. I use this product after cleansing and before heavier moisturizers in the am, and I’ve definitely noticed positive changes in my skin. I loved using it day and night, but unfortunately, there’s really not much product in the bottle. Glossier, can you double the size of this magical serum?! Moral of the story: this serum relieves the post-shower dry and tight skin, and I am a big fan! 

Cetaphil Daily Hydrating Lotion with Hyaluronic Acid is the second am product I use that delivers a shot of hyaluronic acid for that extra boost of moisture. I would absolutely recommend this moisturizer to anyone, because it’s the lightest I’ve ever used, but the quality ingredients pack a punch! I layer over this with my OG Cetaphil facial moisturizer for daily SPF (essential!!!). 

Don’t Forget Your Eyes! 

Origins Ginzing, another @shutupcrystal recommendation, is a holy grail for me. A little goes a long way, and this under eye cream not only makes me look awake, but the pale pink color actually doubles as a dark circle reducer! 

Paula’s Choice RESIST Anti-Aging Eye Cream is a heavy, luxurious eye cream that I have a big crush on. I’ve used First Aid Beauty’s in the past, but it sometimes would cause my skin to burn. Paula’s formula is beyond gentle and very moisturizing. If you don’t want to splurge on the full size, the sample size will give you at least a month of pm use. 

Face Moisturizers for Nighttime 

Replenix Restorative Nighttime Bio-Therapy is a product I’ve definitely mentioned before. It was recommended to me last year by a good friend of mine who is an aesthetician, and was recently given the stamp of approval from my derm too. Another hyaluronic product, this lotion is heavy and actually creates a barrier on your face so your skin can heal and lock in moisture over night. The one downside? It’s by far the most expensive skin product that I own. Fortunately, it’s only really necessary in the winter, and a jar did last me the entire season last year. 


Hand and Body Moisturizers 

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector… I love this stuff, but I actually want to speak on behalf of my dad for this one. My dad suffers from extremely dry skin on his hands, as well as eczema and  general irritation from working with chemicals all day. He’s used prescription steroid creams, Working Man’s Hands, and even Bag Balm (desperate times call for desperate measures). He’s sensitive to scents and soaps and certain ingredients in nearly everything at the drug store. I grabbed some of this last year for the holidays when a customer at The Body Shop said it was all her husband could use for his hands, and my dad has not turned back since. He recently told me that he’d been treating his arms with prescription topicals for a few days, and finally resorted to the Hemp Hand Protector, which worked over night. This has a subtle, fresh scent, and I just may be its second biggest fan. 

The Body Shop Peppermint Candy Cane Body Butter is such a heavenly moisturizer. Sadly, I don’t see it available on the website any longer, but I’m a huge fan of all the body butters, and right now, the entire site is 30% off! Grab your Hemp Hand Protector while you’re at it! If you have a brick and mortar store nearby, I would definitely suggest stopping in, because I got my seasonal scents in full size for just five bucks recently! 

Just an All-Time Favorite

Palmer’s Swivel Stick is nice for elbows, good for heels, great for lips (just don’t use the same one for all of that!), and super, super cheap. I keep bulk stock of these things because they are seriously, that good.

Anyway, that’s the 2018 winter skincare arsenal! What are some of your favorite products, and what’s your skin type? I’m always curious to know what other people are using to battle the cold! 

xoxo let it snow! 



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