Did you know that @shutupcrystal and I recap The Bachelor on Youtube?

Yeah! We do! I haven’t talked about this a ton, but in our longest running collaboration to date, Crystal and I recap every single episode of The Bachelor (and The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise…) on her Youtube channel. It’s all super lighthearted, and we work with what we’ve got, which is sometimes hilarious, but sometimes sleepy and always (sadly) long distance.

We have a lot of fun, but if you’re skeptical, here’s what you can find in each of our recaps:

  1. Hilarity
  2. Goodhearted teasing of every contestant and ourselves
  3. The occasional Kyle/Patrick commentary, which always steals the show
  4. Poor lighting
  5. Good editing
  6. Chuck’s blatant distaste for the franchise
  7. Reenactments
  8. Breaking news segmants
  9. Sometimes, an acoustic cover of a song you love
  10. So. Much. More.

Here’s our latest. Let me know if you’d like to see more of these here, but I might not oblige and instead ask you to thumbs up and subscribe to Crystal’s channel. Anyway:



xoxo “Will you accept this rose?”






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