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  • Blogmas Day 13: Another Very Blogmas Vlog

    Blogmas Day 13: Another Very Blogmas Vlog

    Join me for another chaotic Sunday reset!  Currently listening to: “Here It Is Christmastime” by Kevin Bacon & Old 97’s xoxo LA

  • Bachelor in Paradise

    Bachelor in Paradise

    I want to keep the momentum going on the writing schedule I’m trying to get back into, but full disclosure, the thought pantry is empty today. I was feeling bad about that and then I remembered! I actually haven’t had a content free week since May because Crystal is still posting our weekly The Bachelor recaps on…

  • My Favorite Beauty Youtubers

    My Favorite Beauty Youtubers

    Happy Sunday Funday! I notoriously have the worst Sunday blues, so Sunday isn’t a fun day at all for me, but it’s been a very lazy weekend, which has been well earned based on all the house hunting/wedding going/vacation prepping shenanigans the past couple of weeks. I’m taking a page out of Daily Bailey Bits’…

  • Did you know that @shutupcrystal and I recap The Bachelor on Youtube?

    Did you know that @shutupcrystal and I recap The Bachelor on Youtube?

    Yeah! We do! I haven’t talked about this a ton, but in our longest running collaboration to date, Crystal and I recap every single episode of The Bachelor (and The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise…) on her Youtube channel. It’s all super lighthearted, and we work with what we’ve got, which is sometimes hilarious, but sometimes sleepy and always (sadly)…