Beauty Unfavorites, Late Night Version

Hey! It’s Blog Sunday, and late on Blog Sunday, even. I haven’t told you guys yet, but we are in the process of getting our house ready to list, and duh, trying to find a new one. Up until today, it hadn’t really stressed me out at all, but it’s 8:30 and I think this is the first time I’ve sat down all day. We’ve been ‘staging’ our house, and moving a ton of our stuff to my in-law’s house, and uh, I am stressed and exhausted.

Also, the cat.


Now that all my excuses are out of the way, I want to do something a little new here and talk beauty unfavorites. No, I’m not talking smack about these brands. Yes, these brands sell other things that I love. More than likely, these are just personal problems. Nevertheless, I wanted to give you the DL on why these products aren’t my cup of tea so maybe I can save you from the same fate.

  1. (and probably most significant) it Cosmetics CC+ Illumination Full Coverage Cream.  I wanted to love this. I kinda needed to love this. The internet loooves this. But alas, I find it really meh. I got the lumi version because I’m hyper aware of my wrinkles and in my mind, anything dewy will make me look younger (this is so not true). Some products do illumination with oil and shine, this product does it with glitter. Let that sink in. Glitter. I actually very much love glitter and when all the beauty gurus turn up their noses at glittery blushes and highlighters, I roll my eyes. I love glitter, but not in a foundation. Also, full coverage is very, very, generous. It’s light-medium coverage at best. Also, it smells really strange. Not bad, just, I prefer my foundation with zero scent. The silver lining here, when I have worn it, I get compliments on my skin. Overall, this product is just a miss for me. If I had perfect skin, I think I’d like it a lot more, but also if I had perfect skin, I wouldn’t be wearing foundation, sooo?
  2. Glossier Priming Moisturizer. This is another product that isn’t bad, it just doesn’t meet my needs. If wearing moisturizer is merely a step in the process for you, and not a necessity, you might love this lightweight, barely there moisturizer. If you’re a scaly snake person like me (painting a real attractive portrait of myself), this just doesn’t do the trick. I’m only here to layer moisturizers if they’re all making a noticeable difference in the texture of my skin. Glossier has a ton of products that I really love, but this isn’t one of them. I’ll revisit it during summer when the humidity helps to hydrate my skin, and I’ll give you an update!
  3. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (the waterproof version). This is another product that the internet loves, and I will actually lay down the law here and say I absolutely don’t like this product. I don’t think I got a bad batch. I don’t think it would work better for me if I had better skin. I just flat out don’t like it. It clearly has some sort of oil in it, so you need to shake it to deal with the separation before you use the product. And then, that oil is wildly apparent on your skin, and not in a hydrating way. More in a, ‘this is definitely going to break me out,’ kind of way. There are several micellar waters that I much prefer to this one, and if I ever need to remove waterproof mascara, I’ll reach for eye makeup remover instead of rubbing this all over my face. Bleh.
  4. Ouai Haircare Leave In Conditioner. This little bottle came in my December Ipsy bag, and has since been given away. I’m the world’s worst Ipsy user. (Would you guys like Ipsy reviews? Let me know.) I basically never use my stuff, but keep it hyper organized in a dresser drawer. I was getting ready for a rare evening out with friends a few weekends ago when I realized that I was completely out of my usual leave-in conditioner. I remembered I had this one in an Ipsy bag, so I decided to give it a try. In practice, it does exactly what it should: my hair was less tangly while styling, and smoother once styled. Anti-bonus though, it. smells. terrible. Like awful. I think the attempt was rose, which is not my favorite anyway, but it was rose in the way that reminded me distinctly of public restroom in a high end department store. That’s oddly specific, but very true. And it lingered all evening, and into my second day hair. I cannot get past the smell, and that’s why this lands in the last spot on my unfavorites list.


Do you like this kind of post? Do you have any unfavorites that everyone else seems to love? Maybe you could save me from them!

xoxo the opposite of double tapping



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