March Favorites

Guess what?!?! I’m getting another sister today!!! I don’t talk about this much, but my brother passed away when I was really young, so while not really an only child, I have grown up that way, and have always been really envious of people with siblings. One of the most joyful parts of marriage for me has been getting a brother and sister, and therefore one of my March favorites is getting another sister today! (And another one next spring, I could cry it makes me so happy 😭😍). Anyway, enough mush, I’ve got a wedding to attend!

L’Oréal Infallible Freshwear Foundation – This stuff is so great! I love the entire Infallible line, but the only part that doesn’t keep me coming back for more is that it’s not cruelty free; get it together L’Oréal! That being said, this foundation is long lasting, has great coverage, and the perfect amount of dew. Choose one shade lighter because it does oxidize and darken a little!

Milk Makeup Kush Mascara – Kathleen Lights talked about this product very briefly in a recent video, and what I found most intriguing among her comments was that this is formulated with oil, so it doesn’t give your lashes the typical ‘crunchy’ mascara feel. I got the travel size to give it a try, and I’ve actually gotten compliments on my lashes while wearing it!

Kopari Starry Eye Balm – I was skeptical about this, but I did a run through Ulta for a surprise retail therapy visit and picked this up on impulse. I love it! Honestly it’s kind of greasy and shimmery, two qualities I know a lot of people hate in a face product, but it truly makes me look awake and fresh, and I love the lasting hydration it gives my under eyes.

Queer Eye Season 3 – I’m not super far into the season (trying to savor it and wanted to binge watch with my sister in law), but The Fab 5 are back and they’ve done it again! Ugly (happy) cried my way through the episodes I’ve seen, and I just hope we get a million seasons of Queer Eye because it’s such an uplifting show and we need more of this exact love in the world!

Better Bites Chocolate Chip Dō Bites – These. Are. Life. Changing. I’ve had a difficult time finding really great treats with all of my food sensitivities, until I stumbled upon these bites of heaven. These cookie dough bites are free of the top 8 allergens, including dairy and egg, and they are delicious! They come in several different flavors (shout out to all the weirdo snickerdoodle lovers out there, kidding! sort of), and you would never know they’re missing the ‘good stuff.’ The only drawback is the price: at $7.99, I’m going to break the bank with this new addiction!

**This Magic Moment** A ton of people I love, and also me, have birthdays in March, so it’s always magical to celebrate the special people in my life…

Speaking of! Congratulations to my BIL Zack, and my soon to be SIL, Caitlin! You two are a beautiful couple and I look forward to seeing you guys take on this next wonderful chapter!

xoxo Leigh Ann



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