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Happy Easter Sunday!

Today, I want to talk about working out at home. Lots of people don’t believe that working out at home can deliver the same results as working out at a gym, but I wanted to test this theory. Listen, I get it, at home fitness implies various space and equipment constraints, but is it possible to improve your physical health from the safety of your living room?

So, why do I workout at home? Here’s the deal, I’ve now been getting to know myself for 30 years, and for me personally, it’s home or nothing. I find the gym to be anxiety inducing and intimidating in so many ways: I don’t know how to properly use a lot of the equipment, I am so scared I’ll be judged by others (probably just in my head, but still), there are far too many options, and frankly, I find gyms to be a little bit much for me to handle in the way of germophobia (personal problem, lol). I definitely have goals to be taking better care of me, and right now, working out at home is what I prefer.

I’m a long-time but very inconsistent Beachbody user. I’d be willing to bet that most of you reading this post have done a Beachbody workout or two in your day, whether you realize it or not. Flashback to 2007, my college roommates and I had moved all of our common area furniture in order to attempt Hip Hop Abs far before any of us knew that Beachbody was a thing at all. Heck, maybe it wasn’t back then. These days, Beachbody is all the rage.

I always feel the need to disclose that I am not a coach and I’m not trying to sell you anything, but also that I have purchased Beachbody products and I like them! I also have literally zero incentive to talk about any of this, just so we’re clear. Okay, that’s out of the way!

I recently told you guys that I was going to try really hard to finish 21 Day Fix correctly. As in, do all 21 workouts in 21 days, in the correct order, and try my very best. I am very proud to announce that after countless failed attempts dating back to 2015, I completed 21 Day Fix! Why did I bold that? Because I’m kind of a sloth person and this is a big deal and if I can’t brag about it on my own blog then where can I?!

I’m also excited to tell you that working out at home does deliver results. I wanted to share with you guys some non-scale victories of mine! Why non-scale? Well, I’m not really trying to lose weight (though, you absolutely can lose weight by eating what’s right for you and working out at home!), and I went on this three week adventure looking to have more than just physical improvement! So, what did I get out of 21 thirty minute workouts at home?

  1. I got stronger. No joke! By week three I was powering through steps that I struggled to do even the modified version of during week one, and I’d increased the weight I was using!
  2. I created a healthy habit. I completed the program last Saturday and only took three days off before I was itching to start something new! And during those three days off, I was still going for walks/jogs.
  3. I improved my mental/emotional health. There are no night and day changes here, but overall I just feel better about myself and more accomplished after working out.
  4. My clothes fit a little better! I didn’t have snug clothes that are now loose or anything, but as my muscles get firmer and my waist trims out, my clothes are fitting more comfortably.
  5. I can actually see and feel some physical changes. This is weird, but ladies, you know that pesky, doughy part of your armpit that can make or break the way you feel in a strapless top? Yeah, that part of me is definitely changing for the better.

The best part is, all of these positive changes came from working out for 30 minutes a day in. my. living. room. With minimal equipment! Wearing whatever I wanted. Able to hit pause if I needed to. No drive time. And there are about a gazillion different ways to work out at home, not just Beachbody! Check out this article that details ten of the internet’s favorite at home fitness programs. Also keep in mind, working out at home doesn’t have to cost you a dime; there are plenty of exercises that utilize only your bodyweight and will definitely raise your heart rate and help you break a sweat daily.

So yeah, if gymtimidation is real for you like it is for me, be encouraged to tackle your health goals at home! What are some of your favorite at home workouts?

xoxo I be up in the (home) gym just a workin’ on my fitness




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    You are doing great!


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