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  • New Year, Same Me (but better, I hope)

    New Year, Same Me (but better, I hope)

    New year, time for some resolutions. Mental health, first. That’s easier said than done because I truly believe that good mental health involves pretty consistent commitment to all of the quintessential resolutions. So, in putting my mental health first, I’m also prioritizing the following goals and living by the cliche, “You have to love yourself […]

  • Quarterly Resolution Follow-Up 2

    Quarterly Resolution Follow-Up 2

    What’s up? I’m back from the future! JK, I’m back from Texas and Florida and home, and I’m desperately trying to get back into my normal routine. If you saw my instagram stories yesterday, you’ll know that I’ve been slacking on basically everything because house hunting in the hottest housing market in America is no joke […]

  • At Home Workouts

    At Home Workouts

    Happy Easter Sunday! Today, I want to talk about working out at home. Lots of people don’t believe that working out at home can deliver the same results as working out at a gym, but I wanted to test this theory. Listen, I get it, at home fitness implies various space and equipment constraints, but […]

  • Quarterly Resolution Follow-Up

    Quarterly Resolution Follow-Up

    I’ve really dropped the blogging ball today, but not beating myself up about it, because this is my birthday weekend after all. We just went to see Captain Marvel with friends, and it was super good, but I also did take a small nap during it (#tiredpeopleprobs), so I need to fill in the gaps before […]

  • Current Favorites

    Current Favorites

    What do ya know? It’s Thursday and I’m posting like I said I would! We’re too far gone to pretend that I can sneak a January favorites in here, but I also don’t want to wait a few weeks to talk February, so here I am with some current favorites! First things first, Beauty! I got […]

  • Blogmas Day 4: My Holiday Fitness I Hope

    Blogmas Day 4: My Holiday Fitness I Hope

    Ho Ho Hi! Welcome to blogmas day 4, the day you’ve all been waiting for, when the laziest person you know tries to pass along fitness motivation. Enter your email to the right to follow along, and be sure to subscribe to Vlogmas by my partner in crime here! I have a vague memory tugging […]