Quarterly Resolution Follow-Up 2

What’s up? I’m back from the future! JK, I’m back from Texas and Florida and home, and I’m desperately trying to get back into my normal routine. If you saw my instagram stories yesterday, you’ll know that I’ve been slacking on basically everything because house hunting in the hottest housing market in America is no joke (more on that later). 

Anyway, for today, I’m back for a ‘regularly scheduled’ (teehee) Sunday blog post, and I’m doing the midyear check in on my 2019 resolutions. I haven’t breezed over them recently, so my prediction is that I’m probably doing badly. Shall we see? 

  1. I want to read more. Number 1 on my list coming in clutch because I have, in fact, been reading more. I’ll give most of this credit to airplanes and sun chairs, but yeah! I read two books in the month of May and am about to finish another. Reviews to come! Stuck to resolution rating: 8/10.
  2. I’ve gotta take care of myself. To repeat March me, “Uh… let’s break this down.” 
    • Eat Healthier. This one is always a struggle to answer. I would say I actually maintained a pretty regular diet on both trips and have been consistently taking my prepped meals for lunch at work. I’ve eaten far less Oreos in the past few months, but did replace them with dairy-free cold brew ice cream (yummm!). All in all, I could be eating healthier, but I’m definitely not at my worst. Stuck to resolution rating: 7/10 (‘cause ice cream).
    • Work out regularly. So, after writing the first resolution follow-up post, I went on to finally complete 21 Day Fix, and I followed it up with another week long program. After that, I did random workouts here and there and am proud to say I even worked out a few times on vacation. Then… I totally fell off the wagon. Until this weekend, that is! Friday, I did a quick mile outside, and yesterday morning, we actually walked a little over 7 miles. This was purely an accident, kind of, but I did wake up feeling more motivated than I have in a few weeks. Stuck to resolution rating: 4/10 (higher than last time because I started out the quarter strong!).
    • Drink more water. That’s an affirmative, ghost rider. A recent trip to the dermatologist resulted in, “take Accutane or get used to your acne,” and I’ve decided to really exhaust all the daily remedies, high water intake being one of them, before I live with that verdict. Also, I was gifted an incredibly nice water thermos for my birthday, and as silly as it sounds, it really has helped to have constantly cold water at the ready! Stuck to resolution rating: 7/10.
    • Get more rest. *quotes March me while laughing* “Massive. Hilarious. Failure. High hopes for this week. Stuck to resolution rating: 0/10.”
    • Stop picking my face. I was good at it for like a week after the dermatologist dropped that Accutane bomb on me? Stuck to resolution rating: 1/10.
  1. Get my faith in check. I’m pretty much feeling the same about this one that I was in March. Meaning, I just need to put some additional effort into it. I recently finished a 54 day devotional and started another shorter devotional a couple of nights ago, and while that’s all good and well, it means nothing if it’s not shaping my heart like some real one on one time with the big guy would! Stuck to resolution rating: 3/10.
  2. Be a wiser spender. Hm. It’s been a tough spring in terms of this. I often feel like I kind of look like a slob in the workplace (at home, I honestly don’t care), and my efforts in turning that around have been a little spendy. That being said, I haven’t decreased my contribution to savings or 401k, so I’m not in a bad spot by any means. I’m about to embark on some life changes that will basically force me to be a wiser spender. Stay tuned! Stuck to resolution rating: 5/10.
  3. I want to visit home more. Guys. I’ve sucked so bad at this. I’m not giving myself a free pass by any means, but we have been looking for houses since March, and unfortunately, that’s strictly a weekend activity. I went home two weeks ago and it was wonderful! I actually brought a full toiletry bag with me and left it at home so that it’s one less thing I have to pack. Leaving convenient items at home means I can make a West Virginia road trip decision more on the fly! I’m hoping to visit a lot this summer and fall! Stuck to resolution rating: 3/10 “crap daughter” status. 

All in all, could be much improved, but hey, it’s not rock bottom. If you’ve made it this far in the post, thanks for sticking with me through this erratic schedule… and my futile attempts at self improvement, haha. Better luck next time! 

What are some of your yearlong or summer goals? 

xoxo (still) struggling with leigh ann 



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3 responses to “Quarterly Resolution Follow-Up 2”

  1. Jeffery Lilly Avatar
    Jeffery Lilly

    Don’t come HOME ! Nothing but old people here that wish they were somewhere ELSE!


    1. Leigh Ann Lilly Avatar

      You’re crazy. I love you though


  2. oliviadamsblog Avatar

    Hey Leigh, I love your blog! I couldn’t find a contact email but I am wondering if you would like to collaborate with our Blogger Outreach Program. We are setting bloggers up with amazing designs and want to get feedback. Please let me know if you’re interested olivia@blogerize.com.


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