Bachelor in Paradise

I want to keep the momentum going on the writing schedule I’m trying to get back into, but full disclosure, the thought pantry is empty today. I was feeling bad about that and then I remembered! I actually haven’t had a content free week since May because Crystal is still posting our weekly The Bachelor recaps on her Youtube channel.

Alabama Hannah’s season of The Bachelorette was our most fun and interactive recap to date, and we rolled right into this season of Bachelor in Paradise. If I’ve not yet convinced you to give us a watch, here are last season’s bloopers:

I was asked yesterday why I would spend time, “Watching that crap on TV,” and the answer is simple: Monday sucks, and The Bachelor and let’s be real, Dancing with the Stars are fun Monday motivators that get me through the day and lead me right to my couch where I can decompress and mentally prep for the week ahead. And also, I just don’t think they’re crap. Speaking of DWTS, there’s a good chance Alabama Hannah might be gracing our television screens again soon…

That being said, I wanted to pass out some Paradise superlatives so far, because I know some of you out there enjoy the franchise just as much as I do. Oh! If you’re not caught up and don’t know who is paired up, don’t read this if you don’t want to know!

Cutest Couple: Demi and Derek – I get the feeling these two won’t be leaving Mexico hand in hand, but I do think they’ve shown each other a lot of warmth, respect, and love and that makes my heart happy

Cutest Unexpected Couple: Tayshia and John Paul Jones – I’m definitely here for two of the best looking people to fall in love on the show, but that’s just a bonus to their goofy and fun personalities

Most Likely to Succeed as a Couple: Nicole and Clay – They had a bit of a bumpy start, but Clay was stoically persistent, and I think Nicole is coming to realize that’s what she wants in a relationship

Most Likely to Ruin a Good Thing: Chris screwing things up with Katie – Katie is a total catch, and for whatever reason, I just don’t trust Chris with her heart

Most Interesting Couple (to follow up with post Paradise): Caelynn and Dean – Can’t wait to see where their relationship stands after coming home. They seem to balance each other out well

Most Likely to Make Me Turn Off the TV: Blake and Kristina… a match made in paradise at Stagecoach

Most Underrated Girl/Guy: Sydney and Dylan! I don’t think either of them should have to fight for any attention

Full disclosure, I pre-write these posts and schedule them to go up, so there’s a total chance that after tonight’s episode (Tuesday) these superlatives will be out the door, but hey, that’s Paradise, baby!

xoxo snorkeling with leigh ann? lol

P.S. If you want to see our real time reactions, check out the latest recap:





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