13 Days of BlogOween Day 3: Fall Fun in Columbus

You know what’s best about autumn? It’s pretty everywhere! I am definitely biased to the West Virginia portion of fall, but there’s also a ton of stuff to do all over Ohio, and definitely in my own backyard here in Columbus. I’m going to rattle off some fun things to do in Columbus this fall, but all you natives, let me know if I’m missing out on anything!

First things first, pumpkin patches. I am sure that there are pumpkin patches everywhere, but it’s not been a tradition of mine to go until we moved here, and there are so many! We visited Lynd Fruit Farm a few weekends ago, and even though their u-pick pumpkin patch was limited due to lots of rain in the spring, they still have an absolutely huge market to get any kind of gourd/fruit/homemade jam your heart desires. As of yesterday, they still had u-pick apples available and they have a great corn maze! In an attempt to avoid crowds (Lynd’s is busy), we took off for quieter pastures, literally, and found ourselves at Doran’s Farm Market, which also has u-pick pumpkins and apples and is much much less populated. The market was quaint with delicious small brew specialty sodas and a brunch bar. Wear your walking shoes to this one!


Have you ever done an escape room? I have not, but a couple of my best friends love and swear by them. If you’re not familiar with the concept, you go to an escape room with a group of people and are essentially locked in a room with limited time to solve a number of puzzles and escape! Hello, team building! Columbus has quite the variety of escape rooms: spooky, suspenseful, comical, something for everyone. Friends of mine have enjoyed rooms at Trapped Columbus and The Escape Room USA Columbus! If you missed Saturday’s post, an escape room is on my fall bucket list!

COSI After Dark is a really cool event series at COSI that hosts a bunch of themed evenings for adults 21+. My good friend recently did a murder mystery night and had a lot of fun! This Thursday, 10/24, will be a dress up Halloween event explaining the science behind fear and on deck 11/7, a true crime night that promises to be a really good time! I hope to make it to one or both of these!


Have little ones to entertain or just really love the zoo? Boo at the Zoo runs weekends in October at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Throw on your costume and head to the zoo  for candy and animals, and you might even see your favorite super hero walking around!

Finally, for those of you who aren’t faint of heart, there are two highly regarded haunted experiences in Columbus: 13th Floor and Haunted Hoochie. At 30, I can officially say that my heart/mind/body can no longer take the sheer horror that is grown adults creepily following me through a gory house, but if that’s your jam, I don’t think either of these will disappoint!

Haunted House

What spooky szn fun do you have planned in Columbus?

xoxo BOO!



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  1. don't give a jam Avatar

    COOL, i love haunted stuff! also that first picture is breathtaking, fall really is beautiful


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