BlogOween Day 7: DIY Costume, Taylor Swift Me!

Not a chance I have just one DIY costume, like ever. I’ll tell you what, my fine arts degree (yeah, you read that right 🙃) rarely gets to shine, and I take full advantage of this time of year as a creative outlet.

As soon as Taylor started dropping singles and videos, I knew that I would end up fashioning some version of Taylor for Halloween. There are a ton of iconic looks from this season of Taylor, but I cannot get past this one:

It seemed easy enough to recreate, and recreate I did:

What you’ll need:

1. White tulle skirt (I got mine from amazon)

2. Assorted artificial flower heads (also from amazon)

3. Black v-neck tank bodysuit (I got mine for $6 from Forever 21 a while back but this is similar)

4. Some sort of sassy shoe… these are from my sophomore prom 😂

5. Needle and thread or hot glue gun

The instructions here are pretty simple, just sew or glue artificial flowers to your tulle skirt. I went the sewing route so I don’t accidentally knock off any flowers, but glue would work just fine for a one time wear.

Okay, very important question: what’s your favorite track on Lover? Mine is “Death By A Thousand Cuts.”

Tag me in your DIY costumes on Instagram @laughingatleighann!

xoxo can’t spell awesome without Me!


One response to “BlogOween Day 7: DIY Costume, Taylor Swift Me!”

  1. Sheryl Avatar

    You look soooo cute❤️


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