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  • BlogOween Day 7: DIY Costume, Taylor Swift Me!

    BlogOween Day 7: DIY Costume, Taylor Swift Me!

    Not a chance I have just one DIY costume, like ever. I’ll tell you what, my fine arts degree (yeah, you read that right 🙃) rarely gets to shine, and I take full advantage of this time of year as a creative outlet. As soon as Taylor started dropping singles and videos, I knew that […]

  • July Favorites

    July Favorites

    Hey guys! It’s been a minute, but I wanted to jump in a few days early and get into some July favorites. July was pretty chaotic, some good, some bad, and would you believe that I’m already daydreaming about fall after complaining about cold weather for months? Trying not to get ahead of myself and […]

  • Ohio is for Lovers (of Ohio)

    Ohio is for Lovers (of Ohio)

    I’m coming up on four years living in Columbus, FIVE in Ohio… (where does the time go?!), and if you know me at all, you know I’ve spent a lot of time in these four years complaining about living in Columbus. Some of my complaints are justified. The winters are long, and yes, they are […]

  • Blogmas Day 6: A Grown Up Letter to Santa

    Blogmas Day 6: A Grown Up Letter to Santa

    Dear Santa, How’s it going? I can’t believe I haven’t written you in over two decades. We must catch up, hot chocolate date soon? I don’t know what team of people you have fielding your letters these days, but I promise I won’t get political here. I emailed you about that. Anywho, I only have […]