January Favorites

Preparing for a comeback, haha. Seriously, Blogmas is so super motivating and really gets you in the blogging headspace, but it simultaneously drains you of all your writing energy, a true double edged sword. That, and life is kicking my ass, but whatever. Seeing as we’re only slightly past the halfway mark through February (thank you, leap year!), I figured I wasn’t too late to share my January favorites with you and start the year out strong…ish.

First up, foundation. I came home from work one day last month and had the embarrassing realization that my foundation was way too dark. This is hilarious because it’s literally the second shade in its range, but what’s a pale girl to do? I remembered that I’d purchased the Thrive Causemetics Buildable Blur CC Cream over the summer, and found it too light and too dewy for the summer months, but it is perfect for winter with such a moisturizing formula! I love it so much, I might get a deeper shade for summer and just set it with their setting powder, which I also love.

Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 7.17.41 PM

As you know, I’m a major fan of The Body Shop, so when I made my annual pre-Christmas visit, I picked up a few things to get my skin through the winter months. All of their products are so great, but my new favorite is the Aloe Multi-use Soothing Gel. My legs and arms require some extra tlc in the winter months, but I hate putting jeans over greasy lotions. This aloe gel soaks into my skin quickly and is super moisturizing.

Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 7.22.57 PM

There’s a huge likelihood that I’ve favorited this next product before, but have you tried ThirdLove? I’ve been exclusively wearing ThirdLove bras for the past three years, and a new set for Christmas was a fresh reminder of just how good they are. I’m not crazy about the price tag, but my three-year-old (frequently washed) bras still look and feel brand new, and the fit cannot be beat! Take the quiz on their site to find your perfect fit and you will never look back!

Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 7.31.19 PM

Maybe my most loved January favorite is the Revlon One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer that has taken the beauty community by storm. The Bachelor recapping guru herself, @shutupcrystal, got me this for Christmas and I’ll be honest, I was dubious at first. I have very fine, but somehow still thick (??), long hair, and I thought at best, I’d rip out a bunch of hair on the first try and keep the styler in a cabinet until my next chop-off-all-my-hair impulse hits. I was so wrong, this thing is a game changer. This has cut my styling time in half and totally eliminated my need for a straightening iron. I’ve even had compliments on how shiny my hair looks for the first time in my life. If you’ve got hair in the straight to wavy texture range, I think you’ll love this thing as much as I do!

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 12.37.14 PM


Finally, let’s not even play like I made it through January without binging a tv show. I’m like a decade late to the party, but have you ever heard of a little show called The Office? Seriously, I’ve been throwing shade at this show for years over one flu-ridden attempt to get into it a while back, and I was so very wrong. I love every single character, but maybe Toby most, haha. Also, I took three “Which character from The Office are you?” quizzes and got Michael every time… so that’s that.

Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 7.39.00 PM

Anyway, I’m back, I’m back! What have you been loving through the winter months?

xoxo | Pam | Office Administrator | Dunder Mifflin |


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