BlogOween Day 7, Bingeworthy Watches: Never Have I Ever

Happy Sunday funday, guys! I do actually appreciate Sundays so much more than I used to now that I’m working from home. I’ve had more downtime than usual since March, and since it’s officially cold again, I feel zero shame in the amount of quality time I’ve spent with Netflix/Hulu/Disney+. Seriously though, if you haven’t spent an inordinate amount of time on streaming services, what are you doing with your life? Really, tell me.

It’s no surprise that I absolutely loved Never Have I Ever (and that this post was written months ago, probably 48 hours after its release because I couldn’t get enough!!). Created by Mindy Kaling (my idol!) and Lang Fisher, this quirky twist on a classic coming of age tale hits hard with absolutely every mortifying, tragic, exciting, warm moment that your former high school self experienced. We meet Devi (pronounced like Davie and hilariously nicknamed David by the male an/protagonist) at the start of her freshman year of high school, and I don’t want to give too much away, but ya girl is recovering from some trauma. Her main goal? Like any nerdy 14 year old, is just to be cool, at any cost.

Never Have I Ever

Here’s what I loved:

Every ounce of this show comes so clearly from the mind of Mindy Kaling. While rewatching The Mindy Project (for the millionth time, that good) over the past several weeks, my husband remarked that I love the show so much because Mindy shares my exact sense of humor. And who doesn’t like to laugh at their own jokes? Kidding, her jokes are far more successful than mine, but she just gets me.

It’s so insanely accurate emotionally to many of the trials and tribulations of high school. At first glance, it may seem dramatized, but dig deep. Channel the version of your younger self who felt the earth shattering impact of every subtle glance from the cutest upperclassman. Ah, nostalgia, it’s the best.

It’s got worthwhile lessons for our present adult selves too. We grow up with the notion that our parents are all-knowing and perfect, and I think we carry some of that into adulthood, putting pressure on ourselves to be the best parents/employees/friends, whatever. And you know what? It’s okay that we’re not perfect. It’s okay that our parents aren’t perfect. It’s a lovely thing to recognize and sometimes even embrace our flaws.

If you’re looking for a quick watch that’ll make you laugh, cry, then laugh again, Never Have I Ever is so where it’s at. I want to chat all the feel good moments of this show with everyone!

What have you loved binge watching recently?

xoxo wish I had a cool name like Devi


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