Blogoween Day 6: Fall Favorites

Fun story from this weekend: it’s been pretty steadily 55 degrees and rainy for a few days, and when my dad called us after arriving back home in WV this afternoon, he said he was enjoying 75 degrees and blue skies. Ah, Ohio, you’re a gem. 

Anyway, it’s been entirely too long since I’ve shared a favorites post! They’re some of my favorites to write and read, so I thought I’d take this rainy Sunday opportunity to share some things I’ve been loving! 


Forever a tv junkie, I’ve really enjoyed these over the last couple of months! 

  1. Never Have I Ever season 2 on Netflix. I reviewed the first season of NHIE here, and season 2 absolutely did not disappoint. Back with somehow even more laughs and more drama, the mind of Mindy Kaling does it again. In this season, Devi is navigating not just one romantic relationship, but two. All the same characters we know and love from season 1 return, and I’ve loved getting to know each of them better. I cannot recommend this series enough for a comedic trip down high school memory lane. I love it so much! 
    Never Have I Ever 2
  2. The Circle seasons 1-3 on Netflix. So, my two besties kindly let me know that I was sleeping on this series, and they were so right. If you haven’t watched yet, to summarize, a handful of strangers live in an apartment complex together, but are isolated to their individual apartments and can only communicate via a social media platform called The Circle. That sounds a little boring, but the biggest twist is that players are able to choose between playing the game as themselves or as a totally different person, a catfish. Need more convincing? There’s 100 thousand dollars on the line for the player deemed most popular at the end. It sounds really cutthroat, but it’s actually an incredibly feel good watch that may just restore your faith in friendship and social media. 
    The Circle
  3. Outberbanks seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix. I think I was the sole person living under a Pogueless rock having waited so long to watch this series. Fans of Riverdale rejoice, it’s another murder mystery, only set in a real life beach town. Kyle and I both loved every episode and can’t wait for season 3!
    Outer Banks


  1. Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patches – I’ve tried some cheaper brands, but I come back to Hero every time. If you have problematic skin, these babies are a must have. Throw one on a blemish after you cleanse your face at night and wake up with clearer skin. It’s amazing! Since I work from home most days, I occasionally wear the invisible patch throughout the day, and they truly are invisible. Linking the variety pack here
  2. Milani Cheek Kiss Cream Blush – I saw Jessica Braun talking about this in a dupes video and really wanted to give it a try. I love cream blush so much, but feel like many of the popular ones are unreasonably pricy with less than desired color pay off. Not this guy! I love the texture and finish of this blush so much; it lasts all day, and I think the Nude Kiss color is the perfect shade for fair skin. You could apply with your fingers, but I’ve been using and loving this stippling brush from E.L.F.


  1. Turtles All the Way Down by John Green. Crystal gifted me this book several years ago, and I’m actually so glad that I waited so long to read it because it was perfect timing to read it in this current chapter of my life. Equal parts heartbreaking and heartwarming, this coming of age story follows Aza Holmes, a teen from Indianapolis who is navigating life with sometimes crippling anxiety. It’s first love and mystery and brokenness and triumph well packaged and tied up with a bow. Aza’s mind works so much like my own, and I found so much comfort in this story and knowing that no matter how alone you may feel, you’re just not. Plain and simple. 
  2. Dial A for Aunties by Jesse Q. Sutanto – My pal Kaleena read this book over the summer and I could just tell I was going to love it. A dash of murder, a little bit of romance, and a whole lot of family drama lands Meddy in quite the pickle. She’s inadvertently landed herself a permanent gig as a photographer in her family’s wedding planning business, and after a very unfortunate blind date, finds herself balancing a high profile wedding at a hotel ran by her ex boyfriend while trying to cover-up a potential crime committed the night before. Laugh out loud funny and very touching, I can’t wait for the sequel! (Is it called a sequel if it’s a book? Google is inconclusive.)

What have you all been loving? 

xoxo Leigh Ann



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