BlogOween Day 8: Favorite Halloween TV Episodes

We’ve covered movies and favorites and food, oh my! But what about television? Can tv successfully do Halloween in a 30 minute slot? Yes, it totally can. For your Halloween viewing pleasure, I give you a list of my favorite Halloween episodes of tv and where to find them again!

  1. Community Season 2, Episode 6, “Epidemiology” – best for first here, folks. The study group attends a Halloween party thrown by the Dean, and everyone ends up in a zombie-like state after eating mystery taco meat that came in from an army surplus store. The continuity in Community is so insane; if you’re a fan you’ll know that some of the events of this Halloween night carry into many episodes over many seasons. Available to stream on Netflix. Community
  2. The Mindy Project Season 1, Episode 4, “Halloween” – The Mindy Project hit its stride early on, and this episode sets the tone for the entire series. As always, there is a boy. As always, Mindy consults her office floor to debate her predicament. As always, everything is hilarious. Available to stream on Hulu. Mindy
  3. Friends Season 8, Episode 6, “The One with the Halloween Party” – everything you expect from Friends, all wrapped up in a Halloween theme. You could watch this episode on mute and still laugh hysterically. Ross is trying to impress his girlfriend. Phoebe is trying to date her sister’s fiance. Chandler is exceptionally Chandler. It’s wonderful. Available to stream on HBO Max. Friends
  4. Scrubs Season 2, Episode 6, “My Big Brother” – this episode includes two of my favorite leading tv men, Zach Braff (duh) and Tom Cavanagh. It’s the typical Scrubs hilarity, just in costume. Available to stream on Hulu. Scrubs
  5. New Girl Season 2, Episode 6, “Halloween” – some of my favorite episodes of New Girl span over Jess and Dr. Sam’s relationship and the overlapping will-they-won’t-they tango between Jess and Nick (the tv love of my life). In this episode, Jess finds herself working a haunted house and looking about as attractive as I feel today, and it is hilarious from start to finish. Available to stream on Netflix. New Girl
  6. Big Bang Theory Season 1, Episode 6, “The Middle Earth Paradigm” – it did not take long in this series to establish a romance between Penny and Leonard. This episode holds among the first of many sweet moments between the pair, and bonus, all the costumes will make you laugh. Available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. Big Bang Theory

Any favorite Halloween episodes for you?

xoxo Chandler



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