BlogOween Day 10: My Favorite (actually) Scary Movies

Hey, hello, happy Wednesday! I know we all have our Halloween favorites like Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, and Beetlejuice, but those are a little cotton candy and bubblegum for those of us who truly enjoy being scared. I have a love/hate relationship with horror movies. As in, I love to watch them, but hate myself for doing so after, when I’m wide awake, anxiously counting down the minutes until the witching hour while everyone else slumbers. I love to be scared, but I carry it with me. 

Some of my favorite horror/suspense movies that scare the crap out of me but are good enough to watch over and over?

5. In fifth place on my list of favorite horror movies is Lights Out. Rebecca and Martin’s mother, Sophie, has suffered with mental illness her entire life. When she was a child, she was institutionalized and befriended a girl named Diana, who had a rare skin condition that kept her from ever being in light. In an experimental attempt to cure Diana, she died tragically. Many years later, Rebecca is out living on her own when she receives word from Martin’s school that he’s been falling asleep in class. Horrified that Martin may be plagued by the same visions that loomed over her own childhood, she works to get Martin safe, but someone… or something is in her way. Is Diana still Sophie’s bestie?

Lights Out

4. In fourth place, we have Disturbia. Having grown up in the Even Stevens era, it should come as no shock to you that a movie starring Shia LeBeouf makes my list. This movie has everything: tragedy, rebellion, young love, and… a serial killer neighbor. Classic romcom! Seriously, it sounds cheesy, and maybe it is, but still a great little spooky szn watch! 


3. Close runner-up to my second place pick is the OG Paranormal Activity. Every time I ask someone what movies scare them most, this one makes the cut. Why? Well, because I think most of us don’t believe it’s entirely impossible that something like this could happen. If you haven’t seen it, I’ll just tease it by saying if your spouse seems creepy at night, maybe it’s time to call the exorcist. Fun fact, this movie was made on a 15k budget and grossed 108 million at the U.S. box office alone.

Paranormal Activity

2. Second place spot belongs to Get Out. Having just watched Allison Williams get dumped by Danny on The Mindy Project, I went into this plot assuming that she could be trusted… Jordan Peele is a horror (and comedy, all the things!) mastermind and every single twist and turn in this movie has me at the edge of my seat, unable to guess anyone’s next move. Also, hypnosis weirds me out. 

get out

1. Finally, my all time favorite horror movie is The Ring. I’ve watched it more times than I care to admit, and it is horrifying every single time. If you don’t know the drill, basically there’s a vhs tape, and supposedly if you watch it, you’ll die a week later. Sounds like BS, but sure enough our lead, Rachel, watches the video and immediately after doing so, the phone rings. The voice on the other end says, “Seven days.” Rachel’s terror is amplified exponentially when she wakes up to find her young son finishing the video in his pjs. Desperate to save her son, she’s on a mission to find out all the history behind the video and destroy it once and for all. Once, I was watching The Ring alone after school, and one of the bonus features on the DVD is the video. I had just finished watching it when my phone (landline haha) rang, and is was my best friend, Rachel. Spooky, right? 

The Ring

Anyway, what are your favorite actually scary movies? 

xoxo I used to look like the girl from Poltergeist 



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