Blogmas Day 5: Shop Small This Holiday Season

Happy first Saturday of Blogmas! Though 2020 has been unconventional at best, I still feel like it’s flying by. Anyone else? And speaking of flying by, Christmas is right around the corner. It’s always important to your local economy to shop small, but this year more than ever, if you’re gift buying, shopping small is the way to go. Remember, to shop small, you need to shop early, as in now. Small businesses don’t have warehouses in every city like Amazon. And you’re not shopping cookie cutter overstock either, you’re shopping often handmade, custom, limited edition products, and these things take time.

In the spirit of shopping small this holiday season, I’m sharing some of my favorite shops today! 

First up, my friend Lauren of Humble Earth Co (@humbleearthco on instagram). Lauren and I have known each other for many years, and recently I’ve been very inspired by her passion to protect our beautiful planet. Having experience as a buyer for a large retailer, Lauren has seen just how much waste big business produces. This year, she founded Humble Earth Co, a collection of high quality, sustainable, everyday-use products. I recently purchased some reusable beeswax wraps and lip balm in plastic-free, compostable packaging, so cool! I love both products, and they’re gleaming examples of small changes that can make big impacts. To learn more about Humble Earth Co and their mission, like donating 1% of every purchase to the Wildlife Conservation Network, click here. To shop, click here. To learn more about Lauren, Humble Earth Co, and living and shopping more sustainably, keep an eye on this space ;).

Next, my friend Kelsey of Moonbow Macrame (@moonbowmacrame on instagram)! Kelsey and I went to high school in neighboring towns, but met in college where we ran in the same circle! Now, she’s a dog mom and creator living in Louisville, Kentucky and making dreamy macrame plant hangers and gorgeous decorative mobiles. The opening of Kelsey’s shop was very timely in the way of a mutual plant-loving friend’s birthday, so we were able to gift her a little macrame magic in August. If you’re looking to earn your green thumb this winter, check out Moonbow Macrame on Etsy, and find the perfect hanging homes for all your leafy plant pals! 

This is not the first, nor will it be the last time I talk about my good pal Matt Smith, of MATTSMITHMAKES (@mattsmithmakes on instagram). Matt and I go way back. He’s a tried and true friend, and without him, I’m not sure I would’ve made it through college, or study abroad, or wedding shenanigans, haha. Matt grew up in Southern WV (like yours truly), and is now an artist living and working in Baltimore. It’s been an honor and pleasure to watch Matt’s art evolve over the years, and I’m both very proud and very envious of his passion, skill, and success! Matt works in mostly watercolor and digital and creates badass, one of a kind illustrations. I have several in my home and have gifted prints and originals to friends and family for years. I even have some “early years” paintings in my room at home from our Marshall University days. Matt’s art feels like home to me, and I have no doubt it will to you as well. To shop Matt’s original art and illustrations, click here.  

Next up is my virtual friend, Kim, of Resdolo Designs (@kim.resdolodesigns on instagram). A few years ago, when I decided that laughing at leigh ann needed to have a presence on more platforms, Kim was one of my first instagram pals, and she’s been supportive from the start. She’s inspired me in many ways, from fitness to consistency, and now, making your dreams realities! Quarantine motivated Kim to share her passion for art with all of us, and I’m inspired by her dedication. Living and creating in Pittsburgh, Kim makes hand-drawn and painted floral prints, canvases, stickers, and even calendars! The cozy color palettes of her work will warm up any space! To shop Resdolo Designs and support Kim’s small business, click here

And last, but most certainly not least, Crystal, as in @shutupcrystal, as in my Blogmas and all things The Bachelor partner in crime, has an Etsy shop! Crystal is creative in very possible way (I mean hello, look how pretty this site is!), and she took that creativity to new heights over the summer when she started making custom cartoons from photos. These drawings truly make great gifts for any occasion and have been a vibrant pick-me-up over the past few months as she’s made and shared these on other platforms. To shop Crystal’s custom illustrations, click here. Also, follow along with her Vlogmas for daily Christmas fun! 

How are you supporting small businesses this year? Would love to share some of your favorites, too!

xoxo small but mighty!


7 responses to “Blogmas Day 5: Shop Small This Holiday Season”

  1. DGGYST Avatar

    Yes to all of this! Shop used, shop local, shop etsy! ( not because we are great people but because etsy is the freaking best amirite) !

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Leigh Ann Lilly Avatar

      Yes so good!! I’m ashamed at how little Etsy shopping I’ve done until the past couple of years, never turning back 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ciscas Avatar

    Ok..I haven’t tried it. Maybe I will give a trial. I am longing to experience the Etsy services..thanks for the reminder

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kelsey Avatar

    Thanks for including me in this list of far-more-talented-than-I makers. I am now obsessed with Resdolo Designs! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leigh Ann Lilly Avatar

      Thank YOU for letting me include your exceptionally talented self on this list!! 💕 and give yourself some well due credit because your shop is gorgeous!


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