Blogmas Day 21: Last Minute Christmas Gifts

How are all you last minute shoppers doing out there? I’m optimistic (and naive) enough to assume that most of us are avoiding going out in public, so if you’ve waited until the week of Christmas to do your shopping this year, you’re in a real pickle. Firstly, stop doing that! Easier said than done, but there are so many benefits to getting your shopping done early, not the least of which is that it’s not a huge dent to your bank account all at once. But, seeing as time travel is not widely available yet (lol), I’m here to talk you through some last minute gift options via amazon prime that will save Christmas (or… just a few days after), and also keep you safely out of any bustling Target aisles. 

All that being said, the older I get, the more importance I see in shopping small! Yet another benefit of shopping early is that you have the opportunity to support small business owners and creators, so let 2020 be a lesson learned: shop early next year! Amazon will be just fine without you.

For now, however, prime is here to save the day! 

For the cooking enthusiast in your life, amazon has tons of fun gadgets that arrive before Christmas. I actually got this mini waffle iron for Kyle (me, tho) at Target a few weeks ago, but I stumbled upon a gazillion colors and prints on amazon today, so stock up on waffle mix and gift this to the house chef. 

Tastes a little more refined that waffles? I got you. A friend of mine loves Kristin Cavallari’s cookbook, and when I was on an adventure to find a new cookbook for this friend, I discovered that Joanna Gaines has not one, but two cookbooks. Check out Kristin’s True Comfort cookbook (arrives just after Christmas) or Joanna’s Magnolia Table volumes 1 and 2 (will be under the tree on Christmas morning). All are also available for kindle if physical books aren’t your giftee’s thing! 

For the Netflix junkies, this time of year is always tough, lol. I am ridiculous, but seriously, each year Netflix removes a handful of series that are basically comfort food to some people, and this year’s goners are tough pills to swallow: The Office and Gossip Girl, not to mention, Friends left last year, and I’m still struggling with that! My tv and wallet cannot handle any additional streaming services so, the next best thing is DVDs, grandma! Friends arrives before Christmas, but if you can avoid your gift swap until the new year, The Office and Gossip Girl can still lull your giftee to sleep even after their Netflix exits.

For the beauty and skincare gurus, you’re not SOL if you can’t make it to Ulta before Christmas. Amazon has tons of makeup and skincare gift sets, by premium brands, for men and women! Because everyone’s skincare needs are diverse, here’s the beauty gift set landing page, but I wanted to share my picks! 

For the guys: this Bulldog Skincare set features face wash, face scrub, shave gel, and a daily moisturizer. I like Bulldog because it’s great quality but also easy to find at your local Target or Meijer. This Jack Black Skin Saviors kit is also great quality and offers a facial cleanser, scrub, moisturizer, and lip balm. Both arrive before Christmas! 

For the high end skincare lovers: the EltaMD Skin Recovery System is pricy, but worth the hype. I love everything this brand has to offer, and with harsh winter months ahead, this is a luxurious skincare gift that arrives before Christmas! 

For acne prone: this Proactiv MD kit comes with cleanser, toner, moisturizer and spot treatment. I swear by Proactiv, and while this claims to be one month use, I usually get two! You will be able to throw this in a stocking by Christmas day! 

For everyone: you cannot go wrong with Mario Badescue, so this MB Favorites Collection is a must-have for anyone who is just getting into skincare or looking to try something new. This kit includes two cleansers, and moisturizers for face, hands, and body, and arrives on time! 

For comfort in the long winter months ahead, one of my favorite fashion bloggers swears by these memory foam slippers, and good news! Dark gray, tan, and pink all arrive before Christmas! Take the comfort one step further with this Amazon Essentials Plush robe – you can peruse colors and sizes to find one that arrives before Christmas. The men in your life need comfort too! This robe has excellent reviews and the Dark Grey-Plaid arrives in time for ole dad to wear it on Christmas morning! 

And my final note on gifting is that, if it’s not in your budget, or it’s stressing you out, or you genuinely just don’t care, don’t do it! If 2020 has instilled anything in me, it’s a better grasp on what truly matters, and my friends, gifting is not a part of that. I love gift-giving, but the reason for the season is so much more than giving or receiving the perfect gift. It’s about quality time, rest, reconnection, kindness, and a little bit of magic

xoxo Elfaba



2 responses to “Blogmas Day 21: Last Minute Christmas Gifts”

  1. Shelly DS Avatar

    These are great ideas! So the thing is… I haven’t bought any gifts yet 🙈 and I came to the conclusion that my love will be enough this year 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leigh Ann Lilly Avatar

      Could not agree more!! Love is enough every year 😊

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