Blogmas Day 19: My Favorite New Christmas Movies

It’s the last Saturday of Blogmas, I can’t believe it! I told myself I wasn’t going to repost any content this year, so I’ve put a new spin on my favorite Christmas movies. The classics are iconic, so if you’re interested in those, look no further than here. However, if you’re stuck in a rut of classics and would like to expand your horizons to newish Christmas shenanigans, keep reading!

Holding up the bottom of the list, only because it’s not technically a Christmas movie, is To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. Why am I including this movie? Firstly, because it’s the best coming of age romcom of all time (lol), and secondly, because all of the most pivotal moments play out during the Christmas season. Lara Jean is kind of a nobody, and prefers it that way. She’s been in love, or so she thinks, but has never shared her feelings outside of five love letters that she keeps safely tucked away in her favorite hat box. Peter is an outgoing, mega-popular jock who’s always gotten his way. And Josh, well he’s LJ’s sister’s boyfriend. Things could get out of control as Lara Jean quickly discovers that she’s not been invisible all along. This Netflix film is based on Jenny Han’s YA novel, and I can’t recommend both enough!

Next up, Noelle. If you haven’t see this incredibly cute Disney + film starring Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader yet, today’s the day! The Christmas business, it stays in the family. After the untimely death of their father, Santa, Noelle and Nick have to take over the family business. Nick is training to take over his father’s responsibilities and Noelle is in charge of maintaining Christmas spirit. When Nick disappears in the middle of his Santa training, Noelle sets off on a big adventure to find him, and makes a few friends and enemies along the way!

Let it Snow hit the Netflix Christmas scene last year and was one of my absolute favorites! If you’re a fan of romcoms like Valentine’s Day and Love Actually that follow several journeys that are all somehow connected, you will probably like this one too! Another coming of age story, follow the trials and tribulations of young love in a small Midwestern town on Christmas Eve. You’ll see some familiar faces here, but my favorite is Kiernan Shipka, or ya know, Sabrina the teenage witch.

Do you guys remember seeing the trailer for Last Christmas … last Christmas (lol) and then never hearing anything about it? Well, it’s now available to stream on HBO Max, and let me just say it’s now one of my very favorite Christmas movies. Kate (Emilia Clarke) is an absolute disaster. She’s couch surfing to avoid her parents, missing important doctor’s appointments, and drinking like a fish. She’s already driven most of her relationships into the ground when she sees Tom (Henry Golding) through the window of the Christmas shop where she works. He’s literally stumbling over his own feet in the name of, “Looking up.” This story is just as much one of two people falling in love as it is learning to love yourself. I highly, highly recommend that you warm your heart this holiday season by giving Last Christmas a watch.

And finally, I’ve been anxiously waiting to talk about how much I loved Happiest Season on Hulu. If you don’t love Kristen Stewart, pause this for two hours, watch In the Land of Women, and get back to me. In my opinion, Happiest Season is an all star cast, and they’re out to prove that your love story, your family, your life doesn’t have to fit the mold that was made for it. No one is perfect, and the holidays have a way of bringing out our worst imperfections, but who wants to be perfect anyway? This feel good romdramedy is my favorite new Christmas movie!

What are your favorites outside of the classics? Wishing you a cozy holiday weekend!

xoxo Noelle



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