Blogoween Day 11: Halloween Decor Tour

Happy Halloweekend! We finally made it! It’s the most wonderful time of the year. I’ve never done this before, probably for good reason, but I wanted to share some of the spooky spaces in our house. Kyle and I are notorious for putting off decorating for the holidays, and this Halloween was no exception. We decked the haunted halls about a week and a half ago, but wish we had at the end of September. Better luck next year. 

I would say our general decorating vibe is not too serious, definitely whimsical, colorful, and eclectic. I take umbrage with the whole all white walls, all black decor fad, in case that’s not obvious. Anyway, happy haunting! 

Our entryway is my favorite spot to decorate for every holiday. Last year, I recreated a Peanuts painting for each season, and this one is my favorite, for obvious reasons. I also keep up with this fun letter board one of my friends gifted me a few years ago. The foyer is a cozy little nook that sets the tone for the rest of the house.


Basically the day we moved into this house and gained a real dining room, I logged onto Wayfair to get a spooky table runner. Our witchy centerpiece was a gift from my mother in law, and though she moves around yearly, she’s always a staple. Come trick-or-treat night, she’ll be the star of our front porch.

Around the living room and kitchen, we have some fall neutral knickknacks, meaning they live through Thanksgiving. I picked up this adorable squirrel at Target recently, and our gnomes (we have some for every season) are from Home Goods. Also, I can’t forget this awesome pumpkin jar that I bought from an antique store I worked in for a summer. It’s traveled with me for all of my moves post college, and I love it. (And duh, Gilmore Girls is a fall must.)

There are Halloween trinkets sprinkled all over the house, but my favorite piece upstairs is this light up haunted house painting my dad grabbed for me several (several) years ago. This is the first Halloween in this house that we’ve remembered to pull it out of storage. It’s so cool!


And finally, our mantle. We’ve had a love hate relationship with this fireplace until recently. We loved our fireplace in our first home so much, that it was a non-negotiable for our second. We were so glad this house had a fireplace, but it was fuuugly. Last year we retiled the surround, and the whole process took about three months, but we’re so happy with how it turned out, and now decorating the mantle is so much fun! This awesome print is from Celebs on Sandwiches. 

That’s my little haunted house tour. Do you decorate for Halloween?

xoxo deck the halls with strands of cobwebs, boo boo boo boo boo, boo boo, boo boo



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3 responses to “Blogoween Day 11: Halloween Decor Tour”

  1. Mireya Avatar

    I have been enjoying your blogoween.

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    1. Leigh Ann Lilly Avatar

      Thank you 😊 favorite time of year!


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