Blogmas Day 8: Holiday Decor Tour

Back in October, I shared my Halloween decor, so I figured why not share my holiday decor, too? The general vibe is colorful and eclectic. I love looking at all the super coordinated instagram Christmas Wonderland homes this time of year, but personally? I gravitate toward decorations that mean something to me. They’re the same year after year, with a few new quirky additions, and we follow zero trends. To each their own, am I right?

Up first, my favorite, the foyer. I’ve swapped out The Great Pumpkin, and replaced it with a classic Charlie and Linus chat. Cutest best friends of all time. Our letter board follows the season, and usually features a tv or movie quote. Do you know which movie this quote is from? IMG_3360

My dining room/home office has a little bit of decor, too. I spend so much time in this room, so I love for it to have a little Christmas spirit. We move things around every year, but this year my little office tree landed next to our Peanuts nativity scene. I love seeing everyone’s decorations in virtual meetings.


The living room is a bit of a story. Our first Christmas in this house, we put up the Christmas tree in the living room, but last year, our fireplace was under construction and plans kind of changed. More on that in just a second, but to make up for our lack of Christmas tree in the living room, we really went for it on the mantle, and I love it so much. Of course, Grinch on a green eggs and ham sandwich is from Celebs On Sandwiches. Also, your elf wishes they were this cool.

We can’t forget the upstairs landing. These shelves were once just a giant hole in the wall. Last summer Kyle and I did our first and probably last wood cutting project, and turned this little space into useful book storage (and accidentally an ode to Harry Potter, but what can you do?). Our little Linus wall hanging was a gift from my sweet aunt, and we can’t forget to dress our frog butler for the holiday season.

And finally, the pièce de résistance, our Christmas tree. It was upstairs last year for fireplace reasons, and it’s upstairs this year for lasik reasons, and maybe upstairs it will stay. We’ve really enjoyed having the extra space, and also the upstairs temperatures. Columbus is cold during the winter, lol. This tree celebrates all the things we love – Chuck, Peanuts, HP, Winnie the Pooh, sea turtles, etc., etc.

That’s our little holiday decor tour, tacky and warm and awesome! What’s your most cherished decoration?

xoxo Linus & Leigh Ann






9 responses to “Blogmas Day 8: Holiday Decor Tour”

  1. Crystal Myers Avatar
    Crystal Myers


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    1. Leigh Ann Lilly Avatar

      I love your decorations!!!!

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  2. Jeffery Lilly Avatar
    Jeffery Lilly

    It’s beautiful Clark

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    1. Leigh Ann Lilly Avatar

      Dang it, forgot to post a picture of Clark 😩


  3. Olivia Carousel Avatar

    Okay, 1. That cardinal santa clause is ADORABLE and 2. I’d love to hear the story behind the dresser thing in your foyer. It’s so cool and art-decoy!

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    1. Leigh Ann Lilly Avatar

      Santa bird is from target!!! If I can find it I’ll send you the link. Foyer dresser I *think* is something Kyle’s parents bought when they lived in Japan!!! We were so happy to get it 😍😍


  4. Shelly DS Avatar

    Very cute! I love seeing how creative people get around this time of the year 😁

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    1. Leigh Ann Lilly Avatar

      Thank you so much!!

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