Blogmas Day 5: Gifting Ideas Based on Your FYP Part 2

Today I’m back with a few more gift ideas based on your #foryoupage on TikTok. There were just too many to share in one post! In case you missed yesterday’s blog, I’m sharing some gift ideas based on your giftee’s unique TikTok genre. Part 1 featured gifts for the people in your life who love a clean and tidy house, the beauty gurus, and the home chefs. Today? Read on to see!

If you’re on #smallbusiness TikTok

There’s a whole world of gorgeous handmade items out there, and I’m so glad that the TikTok algorithm brought #smallbusinesscheck to my FYP. Not only have I found tons of beautiful items through the app, it’s been an excellent reminder in general to turn to Etsy and put money back into the art community instead of into the pockets of huge corporations. 

  1. You probably didn’t know about this (HAHA!), but Taylor Swift recently re-released Red and I personally have never been so invested in Taylor merchandise ever. Obviously she has her own site with a lot of cool products, but I’m far more interested in the internet’s take on reliving Taylor’s heartbreak and Etsy.Did.Not.Disappoint. There are SO MANY great Taylor inspired pieces on Etsy, but I keep coming back to dontgiveastitch20’s shop because I love everything, especially this Red TV Sweatshirt! I think Tay would be so proud of all the Swifties out here making beautiful Taylor inspired art.
  2. So, I have previously featured and will soon again feature @poppyartswv, but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to brag on my sweet cousin and her beautiful earrings. Jewelry is SO giftable, and Stephanie really has an eye for beautiful details, as demonstrated in all of the pieces she’s made. Browse Poppy Arts WV on Etsy and check this space for more about her shop in the coming weeks! 
  3. Okay, I’m a little hesitant to share this last one because the restocks sell out so quickly, but I’m obsessed with See The Way I See, and I’m majorly pining after the Emotional (and that’s okay) Sweatshirt. In general, I just love the whole message and aesthetic of this shop, and I feel like it speaks to my generation of overworked and under-rested millennials. A very colorful take on it’s-my-party-and-I’ll-cry-if-I-want-to, and I’m loving it. 

And speaking of putting money into the pockets of huge corporations…

If you’re on #amazonitemsyoudidntknowyouneeded TikTok

  1. I guarantee you didn’t know you needed this Armrest Clip Tray Table. I agree, at first glance you’re like… that’s silly. But, it’s kind of perfect. For example, we have an armchair sandwiched between the entertainment center and fireplace in our living room. When my dad visits, it’s his chosen seat, but unfortunately there’s not really enough space for an end table to set a drink on or toss your phone to the side. This little clip table is a perfect and affordable solution for small spaces that need a little extra storage. And when that storage isn’t needed? Fold it up and put it away. Such an innovative item. 
  2. Fun fact about me, I don’t travel well, never have. Airplanes, hotels, and rentals all give me the heebie-jeebies. I just can’t deal with germs and bugs and the unknown, and the known of sleeping on mattresses that hundreds of other people have slept on. Last summer, we went on a family vacation and stayed in a lovely beachfront rental house, and when I tell you I struggled, I mean it. In short, I hope you’re not like me, but if you are, and the thought of putting your clothes in the sordid drawers of your hotel room’s dresser makes you queasy, I have just the product for you: the Stow-N-Go Travel Luggage Organizer is basically like a collapsible dresser. Hang it in your closet to pack the “shelves,” collapse it and strap closed to put into your suitcase, and then rehang when you’ve reached your destination. This way none of your clothes ever touch the floor or the bottom of a drawer that’s never been cleaned. This is such a genius idea! 
  3. Most people I know have a pet or two, and like us, our pets need grooming. There are the occasional grooming tasks like haircuts, nail clips, toothbrushing, and baths, but one grooming step we have to keep up with for our cats and dogs is brushing. Chuck loves to be brushed. I saw this amazing pet hair brush on TikTok and I’m sharing because it’s going to save us all the time it takes to pull clumps of fur out of our current pet hair brushes. This Self Cleaning Slicker Brush releases brushed out hair with the push of a button! Need I say more?

Finally, if you’re on #ecotok

  1. I don’t know about you, but living through that portion of quarantine when finding paper products was nearly impossible really opened my eyes to how much waste we create. Obviously we need toilet paper (I have questions for the one-year-zero-waste people, but that’s for another time), but there are so many things we could really cut back on. Now that I’m back in the office once a week, I’m already annoyed with myself for grabbing a plastic spoon and fork from the cafeteria for lunch. It’s only once a week now, but it used to be every single day, shame on me. Realistically, I’m not crazy about bringing a piece of dinnerware from home because it’s expensive and I’m likely to lose a little floating fork in my work bag. I saw this portable silverware set from Joseph Joseph and (hint hint Kyle) it’s on my Christmas wish list! The storage case prevents lost pieces and it’s even dishwasher safe!
  2. Last year, my friend Lauren guest blogged about her shop, Humble Earth Co. If you’re looking for sustainable gifts, this is a one stop shop! I love everything her shop offers, but really have my eye on these Bamboo Charcoal Facial Rounds. I’ve pretty much given up on cotton balls and cotton rounds. It never really occurred to me how much waste I was creating using two cotton balls a day. I currently have a set of reusable rounds I purchased from Amazon a few years ago, but I don’t have quite enough to make it through each week, and these are calling. Why choose these over Amazon? First of all, DUH. Secondly, Humble Earth Co is a plastic free shop, with products that are sustainably sourced, and 1% of every purchase benefits the Wildlife Conservation Network. It’s a win win win.
  3. Do you ever think about how much waste we create with toiletries alone? Here’s a shocking fact: every single piece of plastic that’s ever been made (aside from those incinerated) is still in existence. Every single piece. Think about all the plastic you use. Okay, now multiply that by 7.5 billion people. I mean to think that even a day’s worth of plastic is still in existence is kind of mind blowing. Anyway, back to my point. Consider swapping your bottled shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and shave gel for bars. Bars leave behind zero waste. Lush has lusciously scented shampoo bars and to tease an upcoming post, have a little look around Turning Page Soap Company and consider the switch to handmade soap! 

So that’s a wrap(ping paper) on my TikTok inspired gift guide! What products are you interested in trying? Don’t forget to check out Crystal’s latest episode of Vlogmas

xoxo Leigh Ann



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    Lauren Thomas

    Aww thanks for mentioning us Leigh Ann! 💚🌿🌎✨

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      😊💕 thanks for making this place greener!!


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