Blogmas Day 7: Unique and Meaningful Gifts… for everyone on your list

Can you aca-believe it?! We’re already a week into blogmas! Brief update on being intentional with my time: Blogmas and time management don’t go hand in hand. Anyway, I just got off the phone with my dad, and he and I were having a conversation about gift giving. The consensus: It’s arduous. And often, though the act of giving is appreciated, the gift itself, ends up in a dusty corner of your dresser, or not-so-neatly stacked in your junk closet. There’s a lot of pressure involved in gifting, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

The gifts I’ve grown to appreciate most are often super unique, quirky, really thoughtful ones that I can cherish for years. Do you have that one person on your giftee list, that has you totally stumped? To even fathom giving that person another pair of socks, or a candle, or a gift card to the Olive Garden makes you cringe? Why not consider something a little out there? Not white elephant wacky, but just silly enough that it will put a smile on a loved one’s face? I’m here to give you a few ideas to get the ball rolling. Enter your email to the right to follow along, and don’t forget to subscribe to Vlogmas!

My aunt texted me last week to warn me that I was going to receive an unlabeled package. She wasn’t able to add a note, and it shipped more quickly than she expected. I’d totally forgotten the conversation when a small Shutterfly envelope arrived at my house. I actually cried when I opened these coasters with my cat’s face all over them. These are just so freakin’ thoughtful! They just warmed my crazy cat lady heart. Shutterfly is full of unique, custom, and personal doodads that serve both nostalgia and function.


I feel like board games are way off the grid these days. Kids aren’t even interested. I blame you, Apple. It’s so fun to put down our phones, gather with friends and family, and play a good, old-fashioned board game. Games for sure bring people together. I’ve purchased a few for friends and family this year, so I won’t mention them all, but have you played Obama Llama? If you’re ready to laugh your butt off, this is the game for you. It’s like Catch Phrase meets Charades, and it is hysterical.


Artwork is a totally underrated gift option. Maybe it’s a sculpture, a painting, a photograph. Whatever it is, everyone has some empty space that should be filled with art. I am blessed with many talented friends, whose work has graced the walls of my parents, my in-laws, and my other pals over the years. Gifts like these benefit not only the giftee, but the creator as well. So maybe your pals aren’t quite as crafty. Have you heard of Celebs on Sandwiches? I have one of these babies, but I hope to eventually expand my collection. They are intricate and well executed, but mostly, they’re funny as hell. Yeah, that’s my girl Mindy ❤

Finally, and most importantly, one of my work besties said to me the other day that she wanted to give her mom experiences for Christmas. That really touched my heart. So often we think of gifts as material things, but the greatest gift is making memories with the people you love. Maybe it’s free, like a hike or a chilled movie day. Maybe you go get buzzed and paint something in one of those crazy classes. Maybe you do something that you’ve always wanted to do with one of your favorite people. The possibilities are endless as far as the gift of experience is concerned.


So, like so many things in life, when gifting this year, think quality over quantity. Those little drink coasters will go with me to every home I ever live in. That Christmas Eve that my dad and my two best friends and I ate at our favorite breakfast place while the snow came down, is one of my favorite experiences. Think outside the neatly wrapped box this year!

What are some really unique and special gifts you’ve given or received?

xoxo Leigh Ann on tuna salad on a pretzel bun

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4 responses to “Blogmas Day 7: Unique and Meaningful Gifts… for everyone on your list”

  1. Maggie Avatar

    I love these ideas!! Artwork is one I’ve never really considered. (: Thanks for inspiring me! ❤


    1. lathepanda Avatar

      Thanks Maggie! Artwork is such a fun gift that truly becomes a part of someone’s home 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Maggie Avatar

        You’re welcome! ❤


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