Blogmas Day 6: A Grown Up Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

How’s it going? I can’t believe I haven’t written you in over two decades. We must catch up, hot chocolate date soon? I don’t know what team of people you have fielding your letters these days, but I promise I won’t get political here. I emailed you about that. Anywho, I only have a few requests this year… nothing too greedy, and aside from the cursing, I’ve been really good. You’re a busy man, I’ll hop right to it!

  1. Do you have any pixie dust specifically for cooking skills? My mom told me I’d have them by now, but I just keep waiting and I got nothin’.
  2. Teleportation. Not to be pushy, but are the elves working on that? My family is far away, and frankly, I’m over it.
  3. Do you think your people could get with Taylor’s people and ask that she do another Christmas album? Reputation was good and all, but the vibe’s a little dark for the holidays, no? Also though, if you could get me tickets to the stadium tour, I really wouldn’t be mad at all.
  4. More of this feeling:


  1. This is more of a question, but I’m sure you can read between the lines and see what my request is here… Why is the work week 5 days? Who arbitrarily decided that? Just curious.
  2. Santa, I’m not sure if you’re aware, so you may want to sit down for this, but New Girl is ending. I either need more episodes or a new therapist. It’s up to you!
  3. Gymspiration. Is that you or the tooth fairy? I can never remember! If that’s not your department, please disregard. Maybe a treadmill?
  4. I want a ginger kitten pretty badly, but can you also make Chuck love her? I wouldn’t want to compromise any of this behavior…IMG_8388
  5.  You know those ziplock bags that you vacuum all the air out of and they make blankets more compact for storage? Do you have something like that for the entire contents of my garage?
  6. Santa, most of all, can you make sure to keep this magic alive and well with me:


Best of luck on the big night! Give wifey a hug for me! Also, tell Buddy he’s a cotton-headed-ninny-muggins 😉

Warmest Regards,

xoxo Sleigh Ann

P.S. Spread word ‘round the workshop to subscribe to Vlogmas!



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