Quarterly Resolution Follow-Up

I’ve really dropped the blogging ball today, but not beating myself up about it, because this is my birthday weekend after all. We just went to see Captain Marvel with friends, and it was super good, but I also did take a small nap during it (#tiredpeopleprobs), so I need to fill in the gaps before I talk about it. Anyway, on the way home, desperate for ideas, my friends reminded me that we’re three months into the new year and that I could update you/myself with how my resolutions are going. This is actually very wise, because I’m taking a look at this list and it’s a nice refresher.

1. I want to read more. Really, I’ve bought more books than I’ve read, but I did finish a book yesterday morning and start a new one last night. I’m at like 2.5 total books read for 2019, not where I want to be, but not bad. The Bachelor comes to an end Tuesday (saaaadface), so that gives me back 2-4 hours of the week to get my read on. Right now I’m reading Crazy Rich Asians and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Stuck to resolution rating: 5/10.

2. I’ve gotta take care of myself. Uh… let’s break this down.

  • Eat healthier. I’ve definitely had some weeks where far too many PB&Js with bbq chips were eaten for lunch, but I’d say I’ve had more meal prepped lunches and have expanded my dinner horizons. Stuck to resolution rating: 6.5/10 (’cause Oreos).
  • Work out regularly. I didn’t quite hit the ground running on this until three weeks ago, and I definitely fell off the wagon this past birthday week. However, my game plan is to wrap up this post and get in some exercise. Beachbody’s A Little Obsessed AAA work out, if you were wondering. Stuck to resolution rating: 3/10. 
  • Drink more water. I’ve actually really ramped this up in the past few weeks as well. I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for a really busy season at work, and I’m giving myself the time throughout the day to go grab water. Stuck to resolution rating: 4/10.
  • Get more rest. Massive. Hilarious. Failure. High hopes for this week. Stuck to resolution rating: 0/10.
  • Stop picking my face. I feel like I was going really strong in January and have since gone back to my old, anxiety-driven ways. This is a necessary reminder. Stuck to resolution rating: 2/10.

3. Get my faith in check. I’m pretty much always doing a daily devotional before I go to sleep, and this helps a lot. On deck though, I think I need a spiritual check in the mornings (when  the stress of work often gets the best of me), and I’d really love to find a great church locally. I’ve tried several in Columbus, but not one that seems totally right yet. It’s all a personal decision. Stuck to resolution rating: 3/10.

4. Be a wiser spender. I’ve done some dumb spending, but I’ve actually been better about returning things I know I won’t use/wear. This is a step in the right direction. However, winter is boring and I love to shop. Stuck to resolution rating: 6/10.

5. I want to visit home more. Okay, this one hurts my heart. I’ve literally not been home since Christmas, and I’m looking at weddings and trips on the spring calendar and feel like I need to make a trip within the next week or two. In my defense, we’ve had the shittiest weather, which often hits hardest on weekends, since Christmas. Internet, hold me to a trip home within the next two weekends. Stuck to resolution rating: 0/10, with immediate plans to improve. 

Overall average stuck to resolution rating: A whopping 3.3/10. Help me.

Yikes. Thanks pals for the suggestion, because this check-in was beyond necessary. If you need me, I’ll be working out, packing lunches, and going to bed early this evening, haha.

xoxo struggling with leigh ann



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4 responses to “Quarterly Resolution Follow-Up”

  1. Jeffery Lilly Avatar
    Jeffery Lilly

    Don’t come home! Driving is dangerous. Good blog though.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Alex Chaney Avatar

    **Take more evening walks


  3. alexanderchaney Avatar

    *Take more evening walks*


    1. Leigh Ann Lilly Avatar

      More evening walks = less burpees. And qt with my favorite people. So yes.


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