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  • New Year, Same Me (but better, I hope)

    New Year, Same Me (but better, I hope)

    New year, time for some resolutions. Mental health, first. That’s easier said than done because I truly believe that good mental health involves pretty consistent commitment to all of the quintessential resolutions. So, in putting my mental health first, I’m also prioritizing the following goals and living by the cliche, “You have to love yourself […]

  • Blogmas Day 23: 5 Things I Learned in 2019

    Blogmas Day 23: 5 Things I Learned in 2019

    We’re just two days out people, I repeat, just two days out. I’d actually planned to film a funny baking video today (that I’ll save for later), but dang it, editing is hard. That, and I have a killer headache/stomachache combo and am just not feeling it. We’re all about to be inundated with resolutions […]

  • Quarterly Resolution Follow-Up

    Quarterly Resolution Follow-Up

    I’ve really dropped the blogging ball today, but not beating myself up about it, because this is my birthday weekend after all. We just went to see Captain Marvel with friends, and it was super good, but I also did take a small nap during it (#tiredpeopleprobs), so I need to fill in the gaps before […]

  • Ready, Set, Resolutions

    Ready, Set, Resolutions

    Hello, 2019. Guys, I’m feeling like a million bucks today, sort of. I woke up feeling super nauseous (not uncommon for my stomach, not pregnant). Despite feeling barfy, I got up, worked out, and cleaned the house like a lunatic with Kyle. I can officially say after four years and two weeks of owning this […]

  • 2018: A Year In Review

    2018 came in like a wrecking ball. Actually, that’s not true. Let me explain.  Last year at this time, I’d gone home to visit friends for our annual Christmas gathering and see my dad for his birthday. Due to snow and general laziness, my friends and I decided to have a night in and order […]

  • Resolutions, Revamped

    Resolutions, Revamped

    Hi friends, long time, no blog. When I sat down and wrote the annual Winter Blues post, feeling my usual January self, I decided that maybe I should do something about it. Looking back at my resolutions, they are some combination of too vague, and too hopeful. I don’t mean that in a negative way! […]

  • New Year, 365 Opportunities…

    New Year, 365 Opportunities…

    What up party people? I brought in the new year in true Leigh Ann fashion last night: laying on my dad’s couch, binge watching romcoms, happy as a clam. New year, new me? Nope. Still hate New Year’s Eve. Still hate water. Still hate exercising. Still love Oreos, cats, and New Girl. Yeah, I’ve had […]