My Favorite Beauty Youtubers

Happy Sunday Funday! I notoriously have the worst Sunday blues, so Sunday isn’t a fun day at all for me, but it’s been a very lazy weekend, which has been well earned based on all the house hunting/wedding going/vacation prepping shenanigans the past couple of weeks.

I’m taking a page out of Daily Bailey Bits’ book and talking to you about some of my favorite Youtubers, specifically the beauty ones. It’s no secret that I am obsessed with all things Youtube, but the videos that I find the most relaxing and bingeworthy are those of Youtube’s resident beauty gurus. Yes, that community has a lot of drama, but I stay blissfully oblivious to all of that so I can get what I came for: all the dewy full-face looks, haha.

So, here are my top 5 favorite beauty Youtubers!

  1. Zoe Sugg. The OG babe that got me hooked on Youtube. My soul sister across the pond. I’ve got to admit, the graceful exit from her Zoella roots has been a bit of a bummer for me. She’s not making as many makeup related posts, or ‘main channel’ videos at all, but she posted a tutorial using her Zoella x Colourpop collection recently (hmmmm, that sounds fun ;), stay tuned!), and I fell in love all over again. And don’t worry! Even when she’s not posting makeup tutorials, I remain just as entertained by her life, so she hits the number one spot on my favorite beauty Youtubers. IMG_6321
  2. James Charles. I was sister shook when I discovered James Charles because he is sister seriously the most creative beauty Youtuber out there. Reasons to love him include, but are not limited to: he’s a guy and he’s more glam than anyone I know, he’s able to laugh at himself, he doesn’t drink or do drugs, he is hysterical, and flat out, he’s got the most consistent and unique content in the entire beauty community. Like, he often sings his makeup routine. (Fun fact: he sister sings “Shallow” at the end of this episode and it is incredible!) James isn’t typically offering up tutorials for super wearable looks, but if you’re trying to make your face look like an intergalactic galaxy using only eyeshadow, he’s gonna give you the step by step to making it happen. IMG_6323
  3. Kathleen Lights. There’s so much I love about Kathleen, but what initially hooked me is that she and I share a skin type: super, painfully, dry. We don’t share her skin’s perfection, but oh well. Most of the beauty gurus out there are demonstrating how to get flawless matte faces, but I appreciate Kathleen for her dewy, natural, your-skin-but-better approach. Also, she can’t be bothered with false lashes, and that is something I can appreciate. Some of my favorite videos of hers are full faces of one brand; special shoutout to this full face Thrive Cosmetics tutorial.IMG_6324
  4. Laura Lee. I’ve talked about Laura Lee before, but I’m going to do it again because I love her. She’s sassy, southern, and hilarious. I love her cats and her husband. Her glamorous house and her relationship with her niece. I just love her. I’m down for any video Laura posts, but some of my favorites are full faces of clearance makeup from one store. How many people do you know who can buy an 80 cent clearance bottle of foundation from Walmart, in the wrong shade, and emerge on the other side looking red carpet ready? Laura is the real deal! IMG_6325
  5. Manny Mua. All hail the fabulous men of makeup! I’m obsessed with Manny because he keeps it so real. PR lists be damned, if Manny doesn’t like a product, he’s going to let us know, and I appreciate that. I’m hard pressed to link a singular favorite video of mine when it comes to Manny simply because, I love the intro of every single video he puts out: “As always, if you guys don’t like this video, if you don’t like me, then don’t f$@king watch, you know the drill with that!” He’s so funny and talented, and since I can’t choose just one favorite, I’ll link his most recent video for all you Game of Thrones lovers out there!IMG_6326

There you have it, my top 5 favorite beauty gurus of Youtube! I feel like every couple of months I stumble upon a new one that I’m obsessed with, so please share some of your favorites with me!

Also, look out for something exciting from @shutupcrystal and I this week! 🙂

xoxo aspiring beauty guru with a comedic background (this barely won out over Sister See Ya Later!)



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