Blogmas Day 6: The Best and Worst of Netflix Christmas Movies Round 2

Back by popular demand (lol, not at all), Blogmas Day 6 is all about the best and worst of what Netflix has to offer in the Christmas department. I’ve added five new Christmas movies to the roster, but if you want to know how I felt about last year’s selection, read here!

The Best

Let It Snow – This beyond adorable flick features a bunch of familiar faces: Kiernan Shipka (Sabrina), Jacob Batalon (Spiderman), and even Joan Cusack! Think Valentine’s Day meets To All The Boy’s I’ve Loved Before meets Christmas. This super cute teen romcom is jam-packed with laughable, cryable, and cringeworthy moments. I loved it!

Bottom line? 5 out of 5 candy canes

Holiday in the Wild – This fun take on a the typical holiday romcom features two really well known names: Kristin Davis (aka Charlotte from Sex and the City) and Rob Lowe (giving John Stamos a run for his money in the looks department). Troubles of the heart lead Kate (Davis) to Africa where she meets Derek (Lowe) and they fall in love truly out in the wild. This movie beautifully captures a setting unique to the Christmas movie genre (a total departure from snowy small towns), and I enjoyed it from start to finish!

Bottom line? 5 out of 5 candy canes

The Really Good

The Knight Before Christmas – Vanessa Hudgens is back on the Netflix Christmas scene with another dose of practically impossible Christmas magic. This movie basically has everything: a bit of sad holiday drama, a cute little kid, some small-town (Ohio!!) dynamics, and even time travel (you know, knights and whatnot). It sounds silly, and honestly, it kind of is, but it’s really well done silly and Kyle and I both liked it!

Bottom line? 4.5 out of 5 candy canes

The Knight Before Christmas

The Mediocre Verging on Bad (but still way better than the Aaron Samuels catastrophe of 2018)

Fun fact: both feature former “best friends” from Disney sitcoms as leads.

Santa Girl – This movie has an interesting plot featuring Cassie Claus, the daughter of Santa. She’s played by Jennifer Stone, who you might recognize as Harper from Wizards of Waverly Place. Cassie has dreams of leaving the family business to pursue college and a normal life, but must adhere to a contract that the Clauses and Frosts have in place pertaining to a joint business venture and an arranged marriage. Will forbidden love change Christmas as we know it? (lol) Seriously, this one was pretty cute, and I’ll take the goofy stuff in stride because it’s kind of a classic family Christmas movie.

Bottom line? 3 out of 5 candy canes

Christmas in the Heartland – This movie features some familiar faces for all age groups, including Sierra McCormick (Olive from Disney’s A.N.T. Farm) and Shelley Long (Diane from Cheers!). In a blatant ripoff from the Parent Trap/It Takes Two plot, two teenage girls switch places to spend Christmas with the grandparents they never met. In the last five minutes of the movie, we witness a divorce, a rekindling, an engagement, an, “I have a brother!”, and a soldier reuniting with her family. The end is sloppy, ridiculous, and hilarious. I would not watch again, but definitely did not hate it!

Botton line? 2.5 out of 5 candy canes (I’m being generous, ’tis the season!)

Anyway, you’re welcome on saving you from the last two! What’s your favorite Netflix Christmas movie?

xoxo Netflix and chill(ed eggnog)


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