New Year, Same Me (but better, I hope)

New year, time for some resolutions.

Mental health, first. That’s easier said than done because I truly believe that good mental health involves pretty consistent commitment to all of the quintessential resolutions. So, in putting my mental health first, I’m also prioritizing the following goals and living by the cliche, “You have to love yourself before you can love other people”:

Fitness for future. Anytime that I’ve ever set fitness and exercise goals, it’s been with an aesthetic in mind. I’m finally getting to a place where I can consider a more ideal body a bonus outcome to consistent exercise. Now, I want to focus on fitness for my future heart, my future joints, my future ability to teach a niece or nephew how to do a cartwheel, just my future. Only one body, and whatnot.

Navigating nutrition. This may sound silly, but stumbling upon a bunch of food sensitivities has imposed major roadblocks when it comes to travel, good nutrition, and frankly, my daily life. Even my “safe foods” sometimes knock me out of the real world for hours, and it’s been a tough adjustment to make over the past two years. I get by with a lot of Oreos and a lot of red meat (who am I??), and that’s got to stop, or at least be moderated. I’m dedicating time this year to finding balanced and healthy ways to get my nutrition in check.

Prioritize sleep. Little anecdote here, I posted the What Pokemon Are You? to my Instagram story the other day and three people commented on how accurate Snorlax was for me… which is hilarious. I most definitely am a very sleepy person and that’s because I don’t prioritize sleep and I have an incredibly difficult time finding sleep. On average, with sleeping medication, it takes me about two hours to fall asleep. I typically start that process around 11:30, and that’s just not working. Sleep does wonders for your mental and physical clarity (yes, physical clarity, because your body doesn’t function best when its exhausted) and seeing as I’m not getting any younger, I’m committing to prioritizing sleep this year.

Commitment to kindness. I wrote a post for Blogmas admitting that this year I was on the naughty list. 2019 was a little chaotic and I definitely lost some of myself in the mess. To summarize that post, I’m quick to anger and have both internalized and externalized my negativity, and I am really not crazy about this new me. More than anything this year, I’m committing myself to being actively kinder, inside and out. I have goals to reconnect with my faith, repair foundational cracks in my relationships, and just overall strive to be a better me.

Some  miscellaneous goals: read 12 books (only read 7 in 2019), have 12 experiences (life is an experience, but I kind of mean in the form of music and theater and travel, oh my!),  and run a 5k!

Self care comes in so many different packages, and this is mine. I really, really believe that everyone in your life can benefit from bettering yourself and there’s no time like 2020 (or thirty, bleh) to get started!

What are some of your resolutions?

xoxo same me!



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2 responses to “New Year, Same Me (but better, I hope)”

  1. thewellb3ing Avatar

    Fitness for the future and kindness always! They’re on my list too. Thanks for sharing 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leigh Ann Lilly Avatar

      Thanks for reading! 😊 nice to have company in fitness for the future!!


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