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  • Blogmas Day 10: Updated Winter Skincare, Dry Skin

    Blogmas Day 10: Updated Winter Skincare, Dry Skin

    Hey, hi, ho, ho, ho! Hate to be a broken record, but I have dry skin. Like insanely dry skin. Like last week I took a shower and then rushed downstairs to get the workday started without moisturizing first, and ten minutes later, I had two cracked knuckles. Dry skin’s the worst, and I’m battling […]

  • Blogmas Day 4: November Favorites

    Blogmas Day 4: November Favorites

    It’s December! New month means old favorites, and I stumbled upon a bunch of goodness in November!  Topping my list is Dash & Lily on Netflix. Full review to come, but for some context, this is a short and super sweet Christmas series on Netflix and I loved it. If you’re into romcoms and all things holiday, you […]

  • BlogOween Day 5: My Favorite Halloween Watches (Reblog)

    BlogOween Day 5: My Favorite Halloween Watches (Reblog)

    What’s Halloween for if not the prime opportunity to snuggle up on the couch and watch all the wonderful movies that scare season has to offer?! Sharing some of my favorites again below! It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown – Tooth fairy, step aside, because Linus and I are waiting for The Great Pumpkin. I get […]

  • BlogOween Day 3: October Favorites

    BlogOween Day 3: October Favorites

    Can someone please shake me if I can’t at least write a monthly favorites post? Favorites are some of my favorites to consume and share, so here goes for October! MUSH pre-made overnight oats. Like most of my 2020 addictions, this one too comes from tiktok. I occasionally stumble upon this NYC yogi while scrolling, and […]

  • January Favorites

    January Favorites

    Preparing for a comeback, haha. Seriously, Blogmas is so super motivating and really gets you in the blogging headspace, but it simultaneously drains you of all your writing energy, a true double edged sword. That, and life is kicking my ass, but whatever. Seeing as we’re only slightly past the halfway mark through February (thank […]

  • Couples Winter Fashion (Lighthearted)

    Couples Winter Fashion (Lighthearted)

    Heyooo! Happy Wednesday! Do you guys listen to My Favorite Murder? On their minisodes, they read listener emails and when an email is just silly instead of true crime, (lighthearted) will often be in the subject line. Nothing could be more appropriate for this post, because as I’ve mentioned before, I am Leigh Ann “Life is […]

  • Blogmas Day 16: My Favorite Christmas Movies

    Blogmas Day 16: My Favorite Christmas Movies

    So here’s the deal, I love Christmas movies, but my favorites are tried and true and have not changed in years. We’re just not churning out the iconic classics like we used to. I liked a few from this year’s Battle of The Netflix Christmas Movies posts, but the oldies are best and they’re unchanging. For […]

  • Blogmas Day 15: My Holiday Spotify Playlist

    Blogmas Day 15: My Holiday Spotify Playlist

    We’re ten days out, can you believe it?! Per the usual, I have not dedicated nearly enough time to my Christmas tunage, and I am currently feeling the pressure. So, I took some time to curate what I am dubbing The Ultimate Holiday Spotify Playlist, aka: Christmas 2019. Have a listen below and feel free to […]

  • Blogmas Day 12: Winter Skin

    Blogmas Day 12: Winter Skin

    Winter skin is different than fall and spring skin, and it’s definitely different than summer skin. It demands a little more time and effort for everyone, I think, especially us dry skin folk. Sharing some of my favorite winter skincare today, and sorry in advance that it’s not all cruelty free, dermatologist’s orders ☹️. First […]

  • Blogmas Day 11: Best Christmas Episodes of TV

    Blogmas Day 11: Best Christmas Episodes of TV

    You know, winter is cold, so I can’t even pretend to feel bad about how much sitting in front of the tv I do. I’ve reviewed all the Netflix movies, I’ll share my favorite classics later, but let’s not leave out television! So many shows have delivered perfect Christmas episodes, and these are my favorites… […]