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  • 2018 Favorites

    2018 Favorites

    Hey hey, after Blogmas, it feels like it’s been a century since I’ve posted. Apologies! The past couple of weeks at work have been kind of wacky, but that’s not going to stop me from sharing my absolute favorites from 2018 (some of which secured their prize winning spot as late as December, so I’m […]

  • Blogmas Day 18: Winter Skincare

    Blogmas Day 18: Winter Skincare

    Back again and here to talk to you about winter skincare. The air is dry. The heat is blasting in your car, at work, and at home. You skin is chapped, tight, and flaky.  I get it. I get you. When the weather changes, so does your skin, and we’re at the beginning of a […]

  • Mini Skincare Haul

    Mini Skincare Haul

    Disclaimer: This is not sponsored. I just really love Clinique.  Hey, hello! It’s been a minute, and I’ve got some explaining to do, but it’s kind of a downer so I’m going to keep it light today. It’s a rainy Saturday in Columbus, and I actually love and thrive in this type of weather. This […]

  • February/March Favorites

    February/March Favorites

    Hi! Long time, no blog. It’s been a whirlwind of March birthdays and flu round 2 around these parts, but I’m finally settling down to give you guys some favorites. By my math, it’s been Winter in Ohio for literally six months, so it should come as zero surprise to you that my skin is […]

  • Blogmas Day 11: My Winter Skincare Routine, Body

    Blogmas Day 11: My Winter Skincare Routine, Body

    Hi!! Welcome to Blogmas day 11, are you caught up on Vlogmas? I got a couple of texts from friends yesterday, guys and girls, saying they were thrilled with the winter skin advice (for face). I figured, why not take this a step further and talk about what you can do for all of your […]